Rainbow Six Siege Gaming Experience on GE62 Heroes version

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When speaking of Rainbow Six series, many often refer to Tom Clancy, an American novelist best known for his technically detailed espionage  and military science stories set during and after the Cold War.
Tom Clancy, the Great Military Novelist and Expert in 20th Century
Seventeen of his novels were bestsellers, and more than 100 million copies of his books are in print. The movie “The Hunt for Red October” and “Clear and President Danger” reflect different situation of the world’s cold war generation. For FPS gaming, the famous “Rainbow Six” based the Squad of international military force, and “Ghost Recon” based on the Squad of US army.
Salute to Tom Clancy! (April 12, 1947 – October 1, 2013)
Rainbow Six Series is a Legendary Cold War Squad Based FPS Games
In Rainbow Six, Team Rainbowis an international counter-terrorism operation hosted by NATO and funded by money funneled through the U.S. Department of the Interior. The latest game “Rainbow Six Siege” launched in December 2015 emphasized heavily on environmental destruction and cooperation between players.

Rainbow Six Siege Runs Great on MSI Gaming Notebooks
Notebook I choose to test the gaming performance today is the GE62 6QF Heroes of the Storm limited edition. I just love so much the special coating of this model. Two heroes on the notebook cover happen to be my favorite ones. GE62 Heroes of the Storm edition has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M on board, a very powerful discrete graphics card for all kinds of games (even heavy loading ones) plying underfull HD resolution. Moreover, with this level of configuration, I supposed there should be no problem at all to continue using this piece to play all the heavy loading games for the next coming 2 years.
Before getting into the “Rainbow Six Siege” and starting playing, remember to download the “Ultra HD Texture Pack” to get the best in game image quality. For those who play games with a 2.5K~4K external panel or on notebooks with a 3K/4K built-in panel, the pack is crucial for you to have greater image quality during gameplay.
Setup Graphics Details for Best Image Quality
When entering the game, press F10 to go to the “Options” menu. You shall enter the built-in Benchmark mode of this game. It also shows the graphics name and the Video Memory. If Video Memory request exceeds your Graphics Memory, you could still play this game with higher setup and higher image quality. However, you might sense some jitter or low FPS rate during theme transitions or when in battlefields.

The built-in Benchmark function and Graphics Memory info.
Show the Unique Gaming Style in Game
This game presents very good image quality and color contrasts. However, the reality of the texture and reflects is a bit lower than Battlefield 4 or COD: Advanced Warfare.  Very good quality for gunshot and action. The overall gaming experience is good enough, better than most online FPS team battle games such as CS:GO or SF2.
When playing this game, users will have access to world’s most elite Special Forces units, the CSG9 from Germany, GIGN from France, Spetznaz from Russia, SAS from UK and FBI SWAT from US.
Few modern shooters can match the heart-pounding exhilaration and immense strategic depth Siege achieves with its asymmetrical PvP. With five players per team and less resources support, every life suddenly feels meaningful and precious. Run-and-gun will almost certainly land you on the sidelines, so you're much better off using your drivable drone to scout ahead or coordinating with your teammates to ensure all sightlines are covered. You could feel how excited this game is!

Rainbow Six Siege Runs Smoothly on GTX965M and Higher Graphics Platform

Here is a chart analyzing the FPS rate of different graphics cards from other MSI gaming notebooks with different GPUs when playing games. The GTX980 is so far the TOP configuration on can have in terms of mobile graphics card. Since the Benchmark Mode of this game isarather simple environment, the FPS rate shall drop 60%~80%, depending on the number of units. According to this chart, the GTX960M shall run the benchmark smoothly. However, since playing this game involves connecting to different gamers online, I still suggest choosing a GTX965M or higher-powered graphics cards to have a smoother gaming experience and to be able to have more units in the same battlefield.

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