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4K resolution! 240Hz! Virtual Reality! New epic games coming out!

Even if technology isn’t really your thing, chances are that if you’re a gamer, you’ve heard some of these terms being mentioned lately.

There is a constant stream of exciting technological advances constantly being released and refined, each adding new levels of detail, realism and other visual splendour to our beloved gaming worlds.

It's a bit of a game in itself where new hardware unlocks ever more performance and innovative ways to enhance our gaming experience and game developers using this enhanced performance and new technologies to present ever more breath-taking content for us to enjoy. So with a plentiful supply of fantastic new hardware and tantalizing new games, what are the most common reasons for you to Beef Up Your Rig?

Playing the latest games

Whenever a new major game title is announced, gamers around the world are marvelling at new eye-candy and counting the days until they can get their hands on it. But all the new gorgeous and lifelike ingame visual effects require increasingly powerful hardware to calculate. While your trusty old PC might run your current favourite games just fine, new games might find your rig struggling to provide a smooth gaming experience. And let’s be honest, no one likes choppy, laggy gameplay with a loud woosh sound coming from your PC. So new games are one of the main reasons for many gamers to Beef Up their Rig. Even more so when you consider that a lot of times many of the new game titles are bundled for free with beefy new hardware, so it will actually end up saving you money!
VR Gaming

Playing games on high resolution or multiple monitors

While TV's with 4K resolutions are becoming quite popular with pricing dropping to more acceptable levels, PC monitors have been available in a vast variety of display resolutions for a long time. Gaming on a higher resolution monitor will definitely look much better than the standard Full HD monitor that most gamers use, a higher resolution also means that your graphics card has to output a multitude of the number of pixels it would normally do. The same thing applies for those awesome multi-display setups, which are perfect for simulators and surround gaming. This is another very common reason for gamers to Beef Up their Rig.
VR Gaming

Virtual Reality

Last but most definitely not least, the much hyped world of Virtual Reality. Even if the prices for VR headsets such as HTC’s Vive are a bit high for you or the current offering in games and content can’t convince you to dive in just yet, fact is that the market is just getting warmed up when it comes to VR. In the years to come you can expect jaw-dropping new content with innovative new ways of using VR in games and applications. And as is the case with almost all industry products, they will become more attractively priced and feature more advanced technologies to create an even better VR experience. When you decide to Beef Up your Rig with a new graphics powerhouse, you really want to make sure it can handle VR when you decide to give it a try.
Virtual Reality

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