The Red Dot Design Award originates from Germany and is an honor of international high-quality design, it is also the quality certification that worldwide designers dream of. Here we’d like to share with you where the out-of-the-blue inspiration of our winning products came from.
redot winner 2020

Prestige P100: A Perfect Solution Inspired by Revolutionary Creators

The enduring popularity of the Mid-Century Modern style is based on many factors. While there is some disagreement about when the period started, it roughly lasted from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s. To meet the desires of new home buyers, designers experimented with different forms and materials. We were gifted with clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials, and designers that are idolized even today.
redot winner 2020
As one of the most inventive and creative designers in the 20th century, George Nelson always foresaw the unknown world and put his imagination into the creation of living objects. George Nelson described a series of creative "zaps", moments of out-of-the-blue inspiration "when the solitary individual finds that he is connected with a reality he never dreamed of".
redot winner 2020
Coconut Chair designed by George Nelson in 1958. (Image credit: Brooklyn Museum)
Unlike the mainstream, ergonomic chair market at the time, George Nelson took his design inspiration from parts of nature that can be seen every day. He designed a new and casual seating style inspired by natural coconut shells, the "Coconut Chair". The idea of the chair was that it's like a coconut shell floating in the air, but it was firmly fixed on the ground with its staggered crossbar and steel tube legs providing stability for the seat.
redot winner 2020
Cover of Life magazine with the Storagewall, January 22, 1945.
(Image credit: George Nelson Foundation)
George Nelson is one of the most influential design thinkers in the 20th century and will continue to educate and inspire readers everywhere. Another leading design is the Storagewall, a device made to keep household articles neatly and conveniently in the otherwise wasted hollow space within a wall. In other words, it was carefully designed to create a minimalist look while storing everything from bikes to kites.
With a fresh Pearl White finish, Prestige P100 looks like something straight out of a mid-century modern furniture store, or an air purifier with a modern art style that comes with clean, understated, geometric forms and breathtaking functionality.
redot winner 2020
Prestige P100 was inspired by pieces of furniture with Mid-Century Modern Style. It’s clean and understated but full of functionalities. Furthermore, it also comes with gentle organic curves, geometric forms and a variety of materials & colors. You might think that it's an elegant furniture or a polished decoration in the living room instead of simply a computer. We can find the unique triangle geometry design that makes Prestige P100 look like a galactic nebula on side covers, and the aluminum front cover comes with white, silver and rose-gold color on our P100 to match materials used in unexpected ways like those creators did with Mid-Century Modern Style.
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Creator X299 Motherboard: Crystalized To Shine the Most Dazzling Light in Every Fantastic Moment

"κρύσταλλος" in Ancient Greek means "Clear Ice" and "Rock-Crystal". Ancient Greeks believed that a clear Crystal brings Courage, Light, Power, and Reliability since it was the Holy Water from God and had been frozen so it would never melt. A Natural Crystal must be crystallized in a deep cave with a very high ambient pressure to shine the most dazzling light of all.
redot winner 2020
A crystal diamond can be made with enough pressure; or in the case of glaciers, a blue ice cave. When glaciers are compressed under their weight for hundreds and thousands of years, air bubbles are forced out and the ice crystals enlarge. This process creates pockets of blue ice. Combined with sunlight, these pockets of blue ice become a spectacular quartz-colored curtain across the cave. The shades of blue vary from light to more opaque. Sometimes algae also gets caught inside the ice and creates more vivid hues.
redot winner 2020
We re-crystallize, refine and optimize every detail of the Creator X299 motherboard for every designer & creator to shine the most dazzling light in every fantastic moment. The conceptual design of the MSI Creator X299 is inspired by the craft of a crystal. Embedded in the heatsinks with billions of color effects, the crystal design is dressed up with RGB to present the reflection under sunlight. With sharp edges and cuts for heatsinks and color gradation for crystal design, the perfect combination enhances the elegance and makes the motherboard a work of art. More Powerful than Enough - Creator X299 is perfectly built with a premium thermal design for high workloads which might cause heat dissipation problems and thermal issues.
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MEG X570 ACE Motherboard: Power, Hegemony and Wisdom

A triangle is the most stable in all kinds of structures. A pyramid represents the congregation of universal energy with the rays of the sun, it also symbolizes power and hegemony sitting in the highest position.
redot winner 2020
A Great Pyramid has an estimated mass of almost 6 million tons and with more than 2.3 million limestone blocks used, it’s not until you are standing under the shadow of the manmade giant that you can really appreciate its sheer size. It’s impossible to not wonder just how it was built thousands of years ago. A Great Pyramid is surely one of the greatest human achievements of all time. To think on such a grandiose scale, not only the size, but a pyramid is also the very epitome of adventure. It sits proudly as a symbol of strength, power, and wisdom.
redot winner 2020
The triangles & geometric division on MEG X570 ACE generates a sense of deconstruction. It introduces a new luxury black and gold design with geometric layering that creates an ancient sense of mysterious power. Ingeniously coupled with fashion also symbolizes high-end impressions, it stands out among numerous boring black and red gaming motherboards. No matter if you want to dominate your battle or create the most splendid moments, MEG X570 ACE motherboard brings the highest power, hegemony, and wisdom to you!
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