Setting up OSD with MSI Afterburner!


Posted on January 11 2016

Want to keep an eye on your system’s performance while you game? What's the easiest way to see if your rig is giving you the best gaming experience or if something is holding back your performance?

You might see game reviews with live system information on the screen and find yourself wondering: How can I get that on my screen? OSD_1

The information block on the top-left side is called OSD (On-Screen-Display), and is one of the most frequently-used functions in MSI Afterburner. It allows you to monitor how your Graphics Card and other hardware performs in-game, giving you vital information about what you could improve to get a better gaming experience. Want to know how to get this information on your screen? Just follow the simple steps below!

First things first, you will need the latest version of MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner Statistics Server. Both programs are included in the MSI Afterburner installer. (Download here)

1.Open MSI Afterburner

2.Click “SettingsOSD_2 3.Click “Monitoring” and move to “Active hardware monitoring graphs” section a.Individually select the statistics you want to show in OSD (now we use “GPU usage” for example)


b.To make the selected information show up, tick the “Show in On-Screen Display” option. OSD_4

c.You’ll see “in OSD” show up in the “Properties” column. Select all the statistics you want to display on the screen in the same manner. You can put the selected data into your desired order by simply dragging them up or down the list.

d.The text shown in the “Override group name” is what the data will be called in the OSD, you can customized it here. (We’ve changed “GPU usage” to “GPU load” in the example below) e.Don’t forget to click okay to close the Settings menu and return to MSI Afterburner. OSD_5

Now if you start your game, you should see the OSD on screen!

But there’s more, you can even modify how it looks! You can easily customize OSD by using the RivaTuner Statistics Server which is automatically installed with Afterburner.

1.Click on the icon of “Riva Tuner Statistics Server


2.In the menu that opens, you can see all the settings that can be changed. Here are some of the most useful customization options:

a.On-Screen Display shadow: When turned ON, the text will have a dark outline, making it easier to see.

b.On-Screen Display palette: Here you can change the color of the OSD text. You can also change the color of the shadow.

c.On-Screen Display zoom: Here you can change the size of the OSD text.

d.Position of OSD: Drag the OSD text to where you want the OSD to show up on the screen. OSD_7

3.Once you have customized your OSD, start your game again to check out the results and determine if any further changes are needed. MSI Afterburner is an extremely handy tool for gamers worldwide, not just for overclocking. MSI Afterburner also serves as a standard for reference when you want to experience the games the way you want it to be! It’s continuously updated to ensure its compatibility and stability with the latest software and hardware. New versions are released regularly, always make sure you’re using the latest version by downloading it at:




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