Shatter Desktop Performance Cliché


Finally, we’ve achieved this seeming impossible task.
What people used to say and believe might sound like this, “a mobile device brings you convenience, but nothing else. When you demand for full performance, go for a desktop machine without any hesitation. ”
But today, we get to say, “Come on, what a cliché!” to those who hold this idea.
Oh yeah, we mean it.
The next generation MSI gaming notebooks are going to overthrow three clichés.
First of all, of course, the performance.

MSI will present you the most comprehensive gaming notebook line-up with up to 40% overall performance boost compared with the old generation ones. And, the overall performance is going to be just like desktop computers.

Second, it’s more than just VR.

MSI gaming laptops are not just able to run VR devices, but they are going to deliver an impeccable smooth VR experience. With the One Click to VR function MSI develops and its close cooperation with NVIDIA, HTC VIVE and Intel, the whole gaming notebook system is optimized to a stable and powerful platform for heavy loading VR equipment.

Third, the remarkable cooling design.
MSI has always been talking about its cooling solutions for like forever. Most of the users might not know why this is so important that MSI has to make a fuss about it.

You might not care before, but you can’t turn your face in another direction now. With the heavy loading of the new configuration, which would for sure generates A LOT more heat than before, the cooling performance of your gaming laptop is just critical. You don’t want to spend your money on something that just looks fancy but can’t deliver its full/best performance.

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