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Tarkan creates most of the 3D elements on Autodesk Maya, and a variety of supporting 3D applications specialized in texturing, rendering and sculpting.

 Character Grooming with Maya

Character Grooming with Maya

"I'm very satisfied with MSI mobile workstation. It is equipped with the latest hardware features and has a very premium design."

Digital hair and fur creation is notoriously known as one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the VFX industry. The MSI mobile workstation series equipped with the powerful NVIDIA RTX series GPU is a must for Tarkan, since he's working on a lot of heavy real-time hair/fur content. The RTX series accelerates ray-tracing in many rendering software, which gives an extra boost to the render time.

Female Character Grooming

Female Character Grooming

"The 4K display producing crisp images that are pleasing to the eyes and the colors are bright and vivid."

As a full-time 3D artist, Tarkan spends 8 hours per day in the studio, and 2 more hours at home working on his projects. You can argue that the most important piece of equipment to content creators is the display. 4K resolution helps to evaluate images in technical and aesthetic perspectives in each workflow.

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