After successful years of partnership, MSI and Nahimic are delighted to pursue the cooperation. For the new generation of gaming laptops, it's pleased to designed together with MSI's engineer and bring the new Nahimic 3 to the market.

Nahimic 3 is the ultimate audio software dedicated to gamers. In addition its highly immersive and high quality sound, the engineer have upgraded Nahimic with totally new features and new outer appearance to make it more geared towards gamers than ever. The main updated points are as below:

1.The all new advanced powerful 3D audio engine which gives you the optimum experience in every situation

2.With the extended devices compatibility, Nahimic 3 allows you to play on your favorite peripherals, including Analog, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI™, no matter the technology you can always enjoy Nahimic 3.

3.The engineer work a lot to build a new interface to response the community for their needs. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use for every gamers. The long awaited automatic software update is now implemented inside.

4.The new Sound Tracker gives gamer the advantage on the battlefield. It's more accurate and more reactive and shows you where all the relevant sounds are coming in your games.

The first step to enjoy Nahimic 3 is to plug-in your devices and select the correct output, this added-in feature will help you optimize your peripherals at their best.

The interface has been rethought and improved by UX and UI experts. Sized for the new Windows architecture(UWP), the main tabs are now in a vertical lateral bar for easier access.

The Surround Sound, the most important feature, now has the bigger place that it deserves in the interface in order to be quickly understood by everyone. A Try button will provide the users to immediately understand those incredible result.

The Volume Stabilizer is now equipped with a Night Mode to let you enjoy the best without disturbing people around you. The main frequencies are now divided in 3 sections, Bass, Voices and Treble. The new feature allows you to go +12 dB to -12 dB and lets you customize your own preference.

After improving the Algorithm, a even more clearer sound without interference noise like fans has been delivered. The Mic effects have been totally redesigned to be more simple and understandable by users. The Microphone tab is more intuitive, the microphone boost could be set within the interface and optimized by user’s settings. The Static Noise Suppression removes the noises due to electromagnetic interferences to be as clear as possible. The Echo Cancellation blocks the sound made by other audio devices and prevents the Larsen effect. The Lateral Sound cancellation creates a small unidirectional sensitivity, to capture user’s voice and only user’s voice. It helps to deliver more clear voice from the user himself. The Voice Stabilizer regulates the gap of user’s voice’s variations to be heard clearly by teammates or the people whom are talking to. All the features above are very important for online gamers especially they need to communicate with people who play together.

Sound Tracker-
While this function been launched, it’s always been most welcomed by FPS or Action game players. Being redesigned and improved, more accurate and customizable, the new Sound Tracker displays multiple sectors at the same time. It locates for users the origin of various relevant sounds on the battlefield, which means it helps to kill more enemies from different directions especially in zombie mode. A new amazing Sound Demo has been created to show the Sound Tracker in action.

click for motion demo (GIF)

Then let’s see the simple comparison with the other sound effect in the market and see what the benefits are by Nahimic.

The algorithm of 3D sound is the unique weapon for Nahimic, that's why it easily support customization for virtual surround in treble and bass level. The crystal clear voice communication is also well-known technology of it which helps better communication during online competition. The sound tracker is another exclusive tool for basic training while gamers are not familiar with the game scenario. With all these new features, Nahimic 3 reveals itself as the most immersive and powerful solution for gamers and everyone. We won’t have the best immersive sound experience until Nahimic 3 delivered to the world.