Ever the epidemic started in 2019, many people's behavior in work, education, and entertainment started to change. Then streaming technology rise up, and it helps to us can do many things at home. Watching movies, learning, and playing games. This is why we launch MAG Trident S to fulfill people’s needs. Now, let's show you how MSI MAG Trident S performs.

MSI Game Stadium – Home Entertainment Control Center

To have the system become a playground, the MSI Game Stadium is used as the MAG Trident S' entertainment center. We can assign the applications or games inside then quickly launch or switch between applications.

How MSI Game Stadium Works

Following MSI's Game Unlimited guidelines, we designed the MAG Trident S to be easy to carry. When you're sitting on the couch in the living room, you can use a wireless controller to play games or watch videos you like. You don’t need to worry about the cursor because MSI Game Stadium supports switching mouse cursor mode and has a virtual keyboard.

cursor mode
The cursor mode can easily switch between game control and general use.

For more information about MSI Game Stadium control and tutorial, please check the video: https://youtu.be/mgj0qTzL0W0

Cloud Game (Game Streaming)

Cloud gaming became more popular is the past two years. During these years, material shortages and supply chain issues led to the shortage and price increase of graphics cards. That’s why cloud gaming became all the more relevant. We can easily play triple-A games through high-speed network without a high-end graphics card. It's just like watching high-quality videos on Netflix or Youtube. Nowadays, there are many cloud gaming platforms such as Google Stadida, GeForce Now, Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now let users play PlayStation games on PC.

Cloud Game (Game Streaming)
Geforece Now Support more than 700 games

Cyberpunk 2077

Assassins Creed VALHALLA
Cyberpunk 2077 & Assassins Creed VALHALLA real gameplay by GeForce Now

You can also choose to use MSI's systems with AMD platform, such as the MAG META 5E, and MAG Trident S. Through AMD Link, users can stream games from the MAG META 5E to MAG Trident S. Normally, personal gaming PCs are used with 24~27 inch monitors, while small size entertainment systems like MAG Trident S can work with 40~65 inch TV. If you want to enjoy gaming on a biggger screen, it's hard for you to move your gaming PC to the living room. But now you can easily stream your game from MAG META 5E to MAG Trident S and enjoy a better gaming experience.

AMD Link

AMD platform

Learn more about AMD Link information: https://youtu.be/0ikCk38qzvw

Pleasant Gaming Atmosphere (Mobile Game & PC Game)
Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is extremely popular, but playing mobile games on a smartphone usually has some side effects. The smartphone will have thermal and performance issues and your eyes will be damaged because of the small screen and blue light. MSI App Player can solve these issues by helping you play the games on a bigger screen.

Mobile Game & PC Game
Play mobile games in the MSI APP PLAYER, which is an Android emulator.

PC Gaming (Family Fun and Party Games)

The MAG Trident S is designed for game streaming and cloud gaming. With AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor built-in graphic chip inside, it is easy to fulfill the experiences. Thanks to AMD’s powerful APU, the MAG Tridens S also can handle casual gaming, party games, and mobile games.

Mobile Game & PC Game

Mobile Game & PC Game
MAG Trident S can handle most of the casual game & party games as shown.

AMD keeps on developing new game features to help improve the gaming experience. The AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 was announced recently will release in 2022 Q2. Some games already support it so you can use the MAG Trident S and gain additional performance.

playing Godfall

The Riftbreater
This is an actual scene from MAG Trident S while playing Godfall and The Riftbreater.

Home Entertainment Center

To make MAG Trident S more convenient to use, MSI Game Stadium can help you easily switch between applications. The TV remote controller functions the same as the wireless controller. It can quickly summon the MSI Game Stadium and help you switch between applications you want to use, for example, from Disney+ to Netflix. Smart TV is based on the Android TV system so not all apps are supported. Besides, Smart TV has storage issues. Therefore, the MAG Tridens S and MSI App Player are a good combination that can tackle this problem.