MSI's commitment towards gamers has always been reflected within our motto G.A.M.E. unlimited. In its essence G.A.M.E. unlimited is our philosophy in enabling gamers to play at their maximum with limited hindrance. Allow us to better explain this philosophy to you all.

The "G" in "G.A.M.E. Unlimited" means Gaming Power. With these two words, you could say we do our best to make your gaming machine limitless in the way it performs. We offer Silent Storm Cooling for lower temperatures, our own proprietary MSI graphics cards for a five percent performance increase, and Intel New Optane technology for faster loading times.

With Silent Storm Cooling, you can expect considerably lower temperatures on your GPU, CPU, and PSU, usually a decrease of at least 10 degrees Celsius for each component. With this sort of protection, your components will be shielded from what they are usually the most vulnerable to – temperature and lack of airflow. This is achieved by separating the GPU from the CPU and, in some of our desktops, the PSU.

Time is very precious to many people, and gamers are no exception. With Intel Optane Technology, you will have significantly faster load times for launching games, so you don't have to waste time waiting for your games to load. Resuming a save-point from a resource-demanding game? Launch in seconds as opposed to minutes. All of this is made possible by Intel Optane Memory without the need for a solid state drive.

We also make it a priority to give you all the latest and greatest in processing power. That’s why our flagship models, the Trident X and the Infinite X Contain the newest 9th generation i7 and i9 processors as well as the RTX series GPUs.

The "A" in G.A.M.E. is short for "accessibility." Maybe you buy a gaming machine, and then hold on to it for a while, grind your favorite game for a few months or years, and then realize that you need an upgrade. This is where MSI excels. If you need to add in more storage space, more RAM, or if you feel it’s time to upgrade your GPU, we have made easily accessible chambers on our desktops that only require the removal of one or two pieces of the chassis in order to replace. The best part is that this comes without sacrificing the security of your PC’s components.

The "M" in G.A.M.E stands for “Monitor”, which is both a necessity for quality gaming experiences and an important product to MSI. To make gaming experiences exciting, immersive and comfortable, a gaming monitor has to have a high refresh rate, a low response time, a curved panel, anti-blue light design, anti-flicker design, tear-free technology and bezel-less design for a potential multi-monitor setup. A monitor with high refresh rate allows users to see more frames within a second than a regular monitor, and gives advantage to the players when they are playing fast moving games such as first person shooters or racing titles. Typically, 144Hz is a common high refresh rate and 60Hz is a basic frame rate for regular monitors. A minimum response time means that the time the monitor takes to change the color of its pixel is small, which can prevent ghosting and after-image that distract the user. A curved panel offers immersive viewing experience by wrapping the image around users’ vision. It also prevents soreness of the eyes as the distance from every point on the monitor to users’ eyes is even. Speaking of eye protection, the anti-blue light and anti-flicker designs also keep the eyes of grinding gamers from taking damage from blue light and constant flickering. The tear-free technology, including FreeSync and G-Sync, helps the monitor produce a smooth image, allowing users to witness the game’s glory that its creators want to portray. The bezel-less design is beneficial for those who enjoy playing games with multiple monitors, as monitors with minimal bezel can connect seamless with each other.

*144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time are absolute musts for gaming monitors

MSI is dedicated to offering the best gaming monitors for its users. In fact, most of the MSI's monitors have all the features mentioned above, meaning that users can easily enjoy the premium gaming experience with MSI’s monitors. Additionally, MSI has added several helpful gaming features to make its monitors even more extraordinary. The MPG27CQ offers amazing light strings that are connected to your games and can serve as an indicator for your in-game events. The MAG271CQR and MAG321CQR offer amazing RGB led back lighting that can light up the wall behind them and create a realistic gaming atmosphere within users’ room. Any monitor with the letter "Q" in its model name is able to support QWHD resolution (also known as 2560 x 1440 resolution), such as the MPG27CQ, MAG271CQR, MAG321CQR and more. MSI also offers a variety of size option for its monitors, with 24 inches all the way up to 34 inches, covering the need from different users.

Not only do MSI's gaming monitors have amazing specs and performance, they also share great connectivity with MSI’s gaming desktops. Gaming OSD is a software application that allows users to configure their monitors through their desktop. With a few simple mouse clicks or taps on the keyboard, users can immediately change their monitor settings in the way of brightness and contrast without touching the buttons underneath the monitor, allowing them to react faster while gaming. Gaming OSD also offers configuration presets that can be automatically triggered when the assigned software is launched, meaning users will no longer have to repetitively lower the brightness when they switch from shooting games to horror games if they want to enjoy the spooky atmosphere. Lastly, Gaming OSD also has various useful tools to increase users’ productivity. With the split window function, users can assign different software windows into different parts of the screen for them to multitask easily. The traditional convenient windows tools such as mouse configuration, magnifier and screen projecting can also be found within the Gaming OSD software, saving gamers the hassle of finding them through windows’ interface.

*Gaming OSD has many useful tools that can increase MSI monitor users overall user experience

Many gaming hardware companies have the ability to produce products that have great gaming power, incredible accessibilities and killer monitors, what makes MSI’s products stand out is the deluxe user experience players have when they are using MSI's products, which is also the final element in the MSI G.A.M.E component – The Experience. MSI has always given great attention to every detail that can turn a good gaming experience into a great gaming experience. Starting from the design for the sound processing aspect of the desktop, MSI utilizes a special chipset feature called audio boost that can transform the sound processing unit of the desktop into a small amplifier, supporting premium audio devices gamers have. Meanwhile, the chip also reduces the noise in the signal, providing pure sound for gamers to enjoy. On the software side, the Nahimic audio software is also installed in every MSI’s gaming desktop, giving players more control over the sound they hear. Besides the common functionalities such as frequency control and bass amplifier that other audio software provide, Nahmic also offers great in-game audio experiences including enhanced microphone communication, sound source localization in game and better details in sound.

*Nahimic used to be a military sound engineering company, now its technology is used to enhance MSI’s gaming desktop sound performance.

Style is also a great concern for gamers. Products with premium quality should have a premium look. With such ideals in mind, MSI has utilized RGB led lights onto all of its products. From desktops to monitors, players will be able to recognize the trademarks of MSI style. In fact, the built-in mystic light software is designed to allow users to synchronize the RGB led lights on all MSI products, achieving a unifying look. Gaming desktops such as Trident X or Infinite X are a good example of MSI’s craftsmanship on RGB led lights. Together with their metal and tempered glass options for side panels, gamers will be able to create the most stylish gaming desktop they want. On the other hand, MSI also understands that some players enjoy a rather minimalist style and would like to go for the low-key design when it comes to RGB led lights. The codex series gaming desktop will serve them just right with its minimal red lights and simplistic design. Portability and durability are also two big musts for gamers with a premium desktop. Many of MSI’s gaming desktops are easy to carry, so that gamers will be able to enjoy games in a LAN party or at their friends’ house. In the case of Codex S, Infinite S and the Trident series gaming desktops, the portability come from the small size and light weight of the desktop. As for bigger rigs such as Infinite series gaming desktop, it is achieved through the handle design on top of the chassis. Since MSI’s gaming desktops are so portable, their components should also be able to withstand any amount of travel. MSI has come up with the vertical graphics card design by making all the graphics cards in the desktops to be installed vertically, instead of horizontally in traditional PCs, which can prevent the weight of the graphics card from damaging the motherboard socket and prolong the lifespan of the components.