The MSI Prestige series, the best laptops for agile creators

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(Vivienne Ke) The MSI brand new laptops, Prestige 14 and 15 from the company’s content creation series have obtained broad impressions and applauses from media. Respectively, Prestige 14 and 15 have been acclaimed as the best mobile workspace and “Jack of all trades.” The highly-efficient Prestige series laptops are fast enough for creators to catch up with the trend of agile working. Here we would like to share some stories from the users and media perspective.

Prestige 14, accomplish my mobile workspace

Can a just 16mm thick laptop maintains high-efficiency? Apparently, MSI has successfully tackled the challenges. Prestige 14 outfitted with 10th generation Intel core i7 processor, a high-range NVIDIA graphics, color-calibrated display and long durability, despite the device weigh as light as a book. All these features make Prestige 14 a real bullet and is complimented by media as “the faster than ever laptop for content creators.”
Prestige 14


Prestige 14 is the best mobile workspace for nomads

The Prestige 14 weighs only 1.29kg, its ultra-portable design suits the mobile workers the most.“I enjoy working as a nomad.” “Life and work become easier with Prestige 14.” a web designer contributed her user experience. Every early morning she can have a quick work before crawling back in bed; by noon, she will be travelling in the city for business without hustle and bustle.
Prestige 14
A bright, color accurate and anti-reflective display is essential for content creation, especially on the go. The Prestige 14’s True Pixel Display offers 4K panel and close to 100% of AdobeRGB color range grant her to depict her idea intactly on the screen, said the photo designer. The matte and high brightness make for a readable display even under outdoor intense sunlight, which allows her to work anywhere in her spare time before her next meeting with clients.
Prestige 14

Agilely unleash maximum creativity on the go

The high-performance Intel 10th generation 6-core processor allows the designer to execute up to twelve threads of work simultaneously without missing any creative inspiration. In addition to that, the complete handy ports of Prestige 14 can be connected to various devices, automatically forming a roving workplace for the designer to work agilely with high-mobility and keep up with the changeable and fast pace of the modern city.
Prestige 14

Prestige 15, achieve “side gig” economics

Prestige 15 is a workforce laptop that is sleek, powerful and boasts a portable design that will suit all walks of life. Well-praised by the media as a “true all-arounder” with reasons, the high-tech laptop equipped with the latest 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 processor, accelerating the performance by up to 50%. Furthermore, Prestige 15 also delivers true-to-life images with MSI's exclusive True Pixel display. Whether for users who want to achieve success in career, or to be a side hustles, Prestige 15 peremptorily has become the best production tool for entrepreneurial young people who want to work on their own projects alongside their main source of income.
Prestige 15
One of the Prestige 15 anonymous users shared his experience of how Prestige 15 assisted him to start up his second career. He is a regular 9-to-5er, diligently pursuing his goal, to establish a graphic design studio in his free time. He has suffered from plenty of pain points of his phased-out laptop, such as too heavy to carry around between work and home; what's worse was constant lag while opening files. After starting to use Prestige 15, he is impressed by its high performance and stable condition. "A super-slim powerhouse for creatives" he extolled, furthermore, the amazing battery runtime even helped him overcome quite a few obstacles.
Prestige 15
Here is the story, one busy day after work, he was rushing to complete a project for client, however; He left his adapter at the workplace. Desperately stayed up late for the project, surprisingly, Prestige 15 long-lasting battery life kept him working all night and without coming across any sluggish moment. Back to major job, the “Jack of all trades” Prestige 15 also kept him capable of multitasking in the course of various moments of business negotiation and created the double win for him on both major and amateur jobs.
Prestige 15
With the growing trend for agile working, the Prestige series laptops offer those sharp-witted prosumers and nomads the most powerful instruments to create endless artwork with skill and ease, meanwhile; enhancing job satisfaction and accomplishing the sustainable achievement.
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