It's an exciting time to be a PC gamer, enthusiast or content creator after the announcement of 3rd gen AMD Ryzen processors had come from AMD. The first 7nm with new Zen 2 architecture are expected to deliver new levels of PC performance and experiences.

To unleash the maximum performance from 3rd gen AMD Ryzen multi-core processors, MSI's latest X570 series motherboards enhance the VRM power design and components once again. In this article, we will specify the power solution for you.

IR digital PWM with doubler power design for each MSI X570 motherboards

MSI has adopted flagship IR digital PWM IR35201 on all X570 motherboards, combined with dedicated IR doubler which follows the IC chipset design guidelines, it provides faster and undistorted electric current delivery to the CPU at pin-point precision. Compared to other old and parallel power design, MSI X570 motherboards provide lower ripple and lower power loss for input and output current which is the critical part for the efficiency of power delivery.

MSI core boost technology

MSI Core boost has reserved a zone of premium power delivery components on an optimized circuit design that results in a highly efficient power system capable of precise current to the CPU. Combines load-line calibration, overvoltage protection, double power connectors and exclusive A-XMP functions, tons of feature makes MSI X570 motherboards not only supporting multi-core processors, also creating the perfect conditions for your CPU overclocking.

Flagship design for MEG X570 GODLIKE

GODLIKE, renowned by enthusiasts and extreme power users which always symbolize the peak of the motherboard market. The latest MEG X570 GODLIKE features 14+4 phases power design with IR digital PWM, dedicated IR doubler and flagship DrMOS each rated to handle 70 amps. It's ready to breakthrough your Ryzen multiple-cores processors to the new height.

MEG X570 GODLIKE provides 14 phases on V- core solution. It's also selected by AMD as the latest 16 cores processor's record-breaking motherboard. You can find MEG X570 GODLIKE already setting several records from AMD Next Horizon gaming E3 2019.

Exclusive 4 phases power design for memory – MEG X570 GODLIKE

SOC power phases are dedicated for memory overclocking and VDDG voltage. MEG X570 GODLIKE exclusively features 4 phases SOC power design with an IR digital PWM and the DrMOS for the extreme memory overclocking. In the AMD Tech Day, they released an incredible record that GODLIKE achieved dual channel DDR4–5100 MHz with air boot.

With years of experience, MSI is no stranger to building high-performance motherboards. Our R&D and engineering teams have reviewed countless designs, evaluated a wide selection of high quality components, and developed products for reliability under extreme conditions.

For the latest X570 motherboards, MSI follow the IC chipset design guidelines from Infineon, including IR PWM and doubler for all MSI X570 motherboards, which generates both stable and exceptional performance.