"The most glorious journey you will ever make is the journey from idea to reality."


In a previous article, we revealed the secrets of the TWIN FROZR VI with the TORX 2.0 Fan as one of its key components. To gain even more in-depth knowledge of the technology behind the TORX Fan, we had an interview with the team responsible for this piece of art. Here’s the inside story behind the TORX FAN.

0 to 1: The Invention Process of TORX FAN

A few years ago, an engineer working for the MSI R&D team was sitting in the airport terminal, waiting for his flight back to China after an 11-day business trip in France. Looking at the row of airplanes outside the window, he started to think about how to improve the performance of cooling fans. Staring at the wingtip devices, the extensions at the end of aircraft wings, he wondered if there was something he could use in the aerodynamics of how they improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft.

Photo credit: Jirka Matousek (Creative Commons)

After searching the Internet for information on the newest technology and design of wingtip, he realized the function of the wingtip devices: increasing the lift generated at the wingtip while simultaneously reducing the lift-induced drag caused by wingtip vortices, which rotates around from below the wing.


An idea suddenly hit him: Would it be possible to create a fan composed of two types of fan blades where one blade uses this aerodynamic effect? He quickly arranged a conference call with his team members to discuss his idea. After arriving in China, he went to visit the corporate fan manufacturer for a prototype. "Does this fan design even work? Where did you get this crazy idea?" The corporate manufacturing specialist blurted out in surprise when first hearing the idea. Although full of doubt, they quickly got the ball rolling. Rushing to get through photo –realistic 3D modeling and rendering, material selection, product graphics, animated simulation, they finally had a rough prototype ready. Creating an optimized industrial design is not an easy thing. It requires many cycles of testing, revising and testing again. The first mockup didn’t meet expectations and so they kept revising and testing. After months of optimizing, the MSI TORX FAN was finally born and made its debut on the MSI 900 Series graphics cards.

The First Real Taste of Fulfillment

"I am just one of the many people working behind the scenes. I rarely talk face to face with our customers.” the engineer replied when asked to describe his feelings after hearing the first overwhelmingly positive feedback. He paused for a moment and then continued: “But upon hearing all these positive comments by both the media and gamers, I felt a sudden sense of fulfillment."

1 TO N: Stay Innovative and Creative

As is the case with all true scientists worth their salt, the MSI R&D team kept looking for ways to improve and innovate. Everything always goes smoothly when we take steps from 1 to N. In preparation for the TWIN FROZR VI thermal design, the R&D team spent over 40 days just testing the aerodynamic properties of different types of fans and finding new ways to improve the next generation of thermal design compared to the last. As part of the TWIN FROZR VI on NVIDIA’s GeForce® GTX 10 Series, we were proud to introduce the next phase: TORX FAN 2.0!

This was more than a year ago and since that time, the MSI GAMING graphics cards equipped with TORX FAN 2.0 have been recognized as the best cooling you can get, winning well over 400 awards worldwide. Everyone single person at MSI that helped to bring you the TWIN FROZR VI will continue to devote their time, effort and passion to offer you the best possible graphics card. On behalf of all of them, we thank you for your continued support and hope you will enjoy our products.

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