Recently, Intel released the 11th gen chipset and processor, while NVIDIA launched the RTX 30 series GPU. Gaming is slowly being pushed to the next level. Before the release of the new technologies, most people focus on 1080P resolution and 60Hz refresh rate for gaming. Some middle to high-end gamers play games in 1440P resolution and 144Hz configuration. Rarely do gamers game at 2160P and 60Hz because of hardware limitations and the game developers don’t design such high configurations for games. Nowadays, Intel and NVIDIA unlocked this Resizable Bar function for us. With MSI gaming desktops' implementation of this feature, you can access more system performance. Please follow the steps below to activate the Resizable Bar function to get the extreme gaming experience.

1. Enable Resizable BAR in UEFI(BIOS) Page.
Boot in UEFI(BIOS) Page, enable Re-Size BAR Support as shown in the picture below.
Settings\Advanced\PCIe/PCI Sub-system Settings.
Then press the “F10” key to save changes and reboot system.

Enable Resizable BAR in UEFI(BIOS) Page

2. Confirm whether your graphics card supports the resizable bar function or not.
Open the NVIDIA control panel and press “System Information” to check if there’s Resizable BAR support or not.If not, please open MSI Center to update graphics card VBIOS.

Confirm whether your graphics card supports the resizable bar function or not

3. Update graphics card VBIOS.
You need to be connected to the network to update the VBIOS. Please backup your data before updating the graphics card VBIOS and keep your system in a stable state. Do not download any software, watch any video, or listen to music during the update procedure. Complicated environments could affect the update process and lead to failure.

Update graphics card VBIOS

Click "Advanced" to detect the VBIOS version. During the process the monitor will flick, press yes to continue.

Click Advanced

After that, check the graphics card VBIOS version then install. The VBIOS version could be in a different name. Here's an example with the RTX 3090 named MH-V3888.

graphics card VBIOS version

A command window will pop up and ask for an update, press “Y” to continue.
When the process is finished, it will auto-restart the system. Then, go to the NVIDIA control panel to check if the Resizable BAR is supported or not. If yes, you can start enjoying your game.

Update graphics card VBIOS

Currently, not all games support this function, but it's gaining traction and becoming more popular. Here is a list of all games that support the Resizable BAR function for your reference.

Update graphics card VBIOS

For more information, please visit NVIDIA’s website with the link below.

Perrformance Table
Update graphics card VBIOS