Gear Up and Find Your Best Gaming Sidekick

While paying attention to the hardware you’re putting inside your PC is the way to go, don’t ignore the parts you’ll be physically using to play your games. A great gaming monitor goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your immersion with eye-catching visuals. But what about other, oft ignored, peripherals like your mouse, keyboard, and headphones?

What Should Gaming Peripherals Offer?

That’s precisely what we asked ourselves before embarking on this journey too!

A top-notch gaming mouse should deliver precision. It allows you to react faster than others can and is a valuable tool in the hands of gamersplaying competitive, fast-paced games. A blend of a high DPI, durable mouse button switches, and low-latency wireless technology comes together to form the deadliest weapon you can hand a pro gamer.

What about your keyboard? For gamers, a keyboard needs to espouse two qualities – comfort and endurance. While the first quality minimizes the fatigue on your hands during those long gaming sessions, the latter brings you peace of mind. A peace of mind that comes with knowing that your keyboard will last for an exceptionally long time.

Headphones offer something to both casual and competitive gamers. Casual gamers can enjoy the excellent immersion delivered by a great pair of gaming headphones. Let the sound wash over you and truly immerse yourself in vast game worlds. However, competitive gamers need a bit more precision as well, preferably in 3D. They need precise sound that allows them to gauge what’s happening on the battlefield using just the sound of gunfire, footsteps, and various other audio cues.

For years, MSI has delivered powerful PC hardware that allowed gamers to enjoy the absolute best games at blistering frame rates. Today, we take a step towards fulfilling your gaming experience from start to finish – with a broad range of gaming gear to help elevate your gameplay experience even further.

From competitive gamers to casual weekend gamers, we have something for every one of you!

MSI CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS Gaming Mouse: Pinnacle of Precision

A typical wireless mouse has noticeable latency penalties when you’re gaming. The faster YOU are, the more you’ll notice the sluggishness of your mouse. MSI’s GM41 Wireless was designed to keep your desk clutter-free and your hand movement unrestricted with a state-of-the-art wireless module built into it. It brings down the latency to a mere 1ms – ensuring that wire, or no wire, you don’t compromise on performance.

Let’s talk about the sensor first, shall we? The GM41 Wireless houses a precise high-end PixArt optical sensor that can deliver a DPI of up to 20,000, 400 IPS movement tracking, along with a lightning-fast 1ms polling rate. What does this mean for gamers? Precision, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

The GM41 also comes equipped with exceptionally durable and responsive OMRON switches, rated to last 60+ Million clicks. That’s a lot of headshots. Every click will feel crisp and register instantly, thanks to the low-latency wireless technology in the mouse.

If you’re worried about the drain on the battery, we have you covered! With up to 80 hours* of aiming on battery power, you can finally enjoy those long gaming sessions without having your mouse die right in the middle of a crucial team fight.

That’s not all, though. We’ve packed all this technology into an ergonomic form factor that brings supreme comfort to your hands while continuing tokeep it light like its wired brother (GM41 Lightweight). Weighing in at just 75g and our attention to premium build quality, the GM41 Wireless will be a perfect fit for gamers who value precision, comfort, and performance.

MSI CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT WIRELESS Gaming Mouse: Pinnacle of Precision

MSI VIGOR GK50 ELITE BOX WHITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Endurance and Comfort in One

Whether you’re gaming or working, a keyboard is one of the most used parts in a PC setup. That’s precisely why it HAS to be among the most comfortable and durable parts of your system as well.

The GK50 Gaming Keyboard takes durability to a whole other level. It comes equipped with Kailh Box White Mechanical switches that are rated to last for at least 80 million actuations (key presses). Add to this IP56 water resistance and dust resistance, and you get one of the most robust gaming keyboards on the market that is bound to power through years of intense gaming sessions.

The keys have a satisfying tactile bump when a keypress is detected with a relatively low actuation force (pressure needed to press a key) – ensuring that you always know whether a keypress went through or not during intense gaming or even typing sessions.

In addition to housing top-notch durable mechanical switches, the GK50 Elite also comes with matte-coated, high-low keycap designs. This way, your keyboard doesn’t become a fingerprint magnet and delivers the best ergonomics. The design seeks to minimize the toll that an extended typing or gaming session can take on your hands and wrists.

All these features tie in with gorgeous RGB backlighting and a brushed metal top plate to make sure that it looks the part without compromising on performance one bit. You can enjoy a host of customizability options, including the ability to overlay up to two lighting effects at once. Go crazy and make it your own.

MSI VIGOR GK50 ELITE BOX WHITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

MSI IMMERSE GH50 Gaming Headphones: Ultimate Immersion and Communication

A gaming headset needs to get two parts of the equation right. A great audio experience that ensures optimal immersion in the games you’re playing and a great microphone that you can use for effective communication during an intense round. The MSI IMMERSE GH50 Gaming Headset tackles both parts with ease!

The headphones feature 240mm Neodymium drivers that deliver punchy sound to you. To further drive up the surround sound experience, they also feature virtual 7.1 surround and a unique vibration system so you can physically feel the game world around you. Every footstep, every gunshot will sound clear as day, while also pinpointing its location in a 3D space.

A detachable, unidirectional microphone brings up the second part of that equation mentioned above with style. External noise can cause miscommunications, which is just not acceptable in an intense gaming session with your mates. As the name suggests, the unidirectional microphone was specifically designed to minimize sound from all directions except one– yours.

Of course, you can tweak every aspect of your audio experience right within MSI’s Dragon Center to customize the headset to suit your tastes and preferences. By default, the headset delivers a balanced sound signature so you can hear the battlefield around you in full detail for maximum immersion.

Soft, fluffy ear cups and just the right amount of clamping force on the GH50 Gaming Headset are perfect for gamers who don’t want to give up comfort to gain performance. Although the headset features a robust metal design for unmatched durability, it also boasts the ability to fold in on itself for easy portability. The compact size on folding is ideal if you’re looking for a headset that is compact and easy to take with you.

MSI IMMERSE GH50 Gaming Headphones: Ultimate Immersion and Communication

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