The topic I want to discuss with everyone today is how to upgrade your own MSI Nightblade X2 gaming desktop. Most of the PC gamers are familiar with assembling a desktop, but for the gamers that are new to the PC gaming world, I will begin with a basic introduction a desktop PCs basic components. Hope you like this the topic. Notice, always be sure in what you are doing when you want to upgrade your PC, you can damage your system or components and the warranty will fall.


A gaming desktop PC is assembled by several dedicated components. And these components cooperate with each other perfectly to form a gaming desktop PC. Therefore a gaming desktop PC can’t run without any of these components. The main components of a desktop:  CPU/Processor: The most important calculating unit in a desktop. Just like the human brain.  Motherboard: Works like a bridge to connect every component in a desktop.

 RAM: Temporarily stores data for CPU and Graphics card.
 Graphics card: This component is responsible for the quality of a game. The graphics of the game is calculated and produced by it.
 HDD: Storage space. There are different types in the current market, a traditional Hard Disk and a Solid-state Disk.
 ODD: CD-ROM drive
 Power: Provides the electricity to the desktop pc. One picture to show you the inside of the MSI Nightblade X2


Alright! Let’s get onto our topic: Upgrade Your Own MSI Nightblade X2 Gaming Desktop. I’m going to show you how to upgrade the graphics cards, RAM and cooling system.

Step 1 Remove graphics card
When you upgrade the Nightblade X2, I strongly suggest removing the graphics card first. This not only ensures the graphics card won’t be damaged during the process, but also make more space in the casing. First, pull out the power cord carefully.

Second, disassemble the bracket with a screwdriver Third, push the latch and remove the graphics card


Step 2 Removing the cooling No doubt that the temperature of a desktop pc will influence the efficiency of it. Therefore, we should choose a cooling based on the CPU’s wattage.

Then our CPU can be cooled properly. First, release the four screws on the fan Second, open the left side cover, and remove the CPU bracket Third, place a little thermal grease on the cooling area and align the cooling block with the CPU base.


Fourth, choose the right spec of cooling, and re-install it carefully, especially DO NOT crash the CPU pin on the motherboard.


Step 3 Upgrade RAM
We recommend everyone to choose the same kind of memory and manufacturer in order to avoid boot failure caused by hardware conflicts.


First, choose RAM of the same kind and manufacturer

Second, push the latch on both sides. Then pull out and replace new RAM.
Step4 Install a new graphics card
First, align graphics card with slot to install Second, lock the bracket Third, connect the power cord Then you’re ready to game! While I was upgrading my system, I also installed some led light to give my Nightblade X2 a awesome look.

IMG_0476 20160315213353 IMG_0479 Thanks for reading, and I hope you share your experience about upgrading your own Gaming desktop here, we're glad to have your reply. Please keep an eye on our forum this week, because we will discuss one of the hottest games at this moment: Tom Clancy’s The Division!