What's Gaming OSD?

Remember the super convenient monitor controlling software that MSI has developed for its monitors? The Gaming OSD has now officially stepped into version 2.0! For those who do not know what Gaming OSD is, you can refer to our previous blog post, which includes a detailed look into the program. Simply put, Gaming OSD is a program that allows you to control your monitor's configuration via mouse and keyboard. When you are having an intense gaming session or watching a movie, and find that your screen is too dark, you can simply press the hot-keys you’ve set in the Gaming OSD to brighten up the screen without the hassle of reaching your hand to the buttons beneath the monitor. What's even better is that, in Gaming OSD, you will be able to save different screen configuration for software that you often use. For example, if one game you play often contains really dark graphics, you can set a configuration profile specifically for this game in the Gaming OSD. And next time when you launch the game, the configuration will automatically come into effect. By using this feature, your monitor becomes adaptive to every program you use and will always provide the ideal graphics you want.

The new features in Gaming OSD 2.0

1. Split Windows

Split Windows is the best weapon for those who enjoy multitasking. Users can choose up to 5 programs to be displayed on the monitor in the same time based on the arrangement they select. If you want to watch movies while having your skype next to your movie player, simply select a layout that split the screen into two, and choose the programs you want and assign them to each screen compartment. The Gaming OSD will resize and position those programs for you. One group of people that can be benefit from Split Windows are streamers. As streamers often have to play games, control their broadcasting programs and monitor their streaming chatbox in the same time, all they need to do is clicking a few buttons in Split Windows, all the programs they need to use will be arrange in the way they want to the monitor immediately. Others like designers can benefit from Split Windows too, as they often open several designing applications in the same time. By having a really organized and clear arrangement of the programs, designers will be able to speed up their workflow. Overall, Split Windows is the most exciting feature of Gaming OSD 2.0, and is suitable for everyone, especially those who often open many programs and face troubles keep track of them.

*Select the split pattern and the software you want to assign in each compartment

*After you are done, click "Apply"

*The windows of the software you choose will get resized and assigned to destination


2. Ray-Tracing Mode

We all know that NVIDA's RTX graphics cards are sensational due to their support of Ray-Tracing technology. It simply pushes the gaming visuals into the level of animation movies. Now Gaming OSD 2.0 has released a new mode that can further enhanced the effect of Ray-Tracing. Just like its existing profile function, the Ray-Tracing mode is also one of the profiles for players to connect with games. Under the Ray-Tracing mode, the contrast of the light and the details of the darkness will become more noticeable, covering up the sharp contrast that Ray-Tracing technology may produce to bring out its max potential.

3. New Mystic Light Mode: Synchronize

Some of the MSI's gaming monitors feature a RGB led design on their back panel. Gamers can control the way these lights glow through a function called Mystic Light in Gaming OSD. Now, on top of the 10 existing Mystic Light effects, a new effect named "Synchronize" has been added to Gaming OSD 2.0. Basically, the new Synchronize mode will be able to detect the colors that are currently being displayed on your screen, changing the RGB led lights behind the monitor accordingly. It is location sensitive, meaning that the color position of the back RGB led light will match the ones one your screen. Let's say you are playing a shooting game. And you just got shot at from your right side. The game would warn you by flashing red on your right side. If you happened to set the Synchronize mode on, the back RGB led lights on the right side will also flash red, making the whole gaming experience more captivating and exciting.

4. Useful Windows Tools

What do Windows tools such as Mouse Setting, On-Screen Keyboard and Magnifier…etc. have in common? The answer is: They are all really useful but rarely used. And they are also buried deep inside of “Setting” or "Control Panel" that you either waste so much time looking for them, or give up on using them. MSI knows your pain! With the arrival of Gaming OSD 2.0, those most frequently used Windows tools are now sit in the “Tools” page in Gaming OSD, waiting for you to use them. The functions include Mouse Setting, On-Screen Keyboard, Power Shut-Down Schedule, Magnifier, Wireless Display Connect and Multiple Monitor Setting. Don’t like the speed of your newly purchased mouse? Go on Gaming OSD and change it. Elders in your family always forget how to launch On-Screen Keyboard and Magnifier? Gaming OSD is much easier to access and remember! Get too into the game and forget about going to class? Set a schedule for Computer Shut-down in Gaming OSD! With all the useful Windows tools being so accessible through Gaming OSD, we believe our users will have much better experience using our products.

*You can see the setting for mouse, power setting, magnifier and projector in new interface.

Do you like the MSI's new update on Gaming OSD? As a gaming hardware company that evolves through the need of gamers, MSI is always striving to find ways to give its customers a better experience through hardware innovation and development of its related software. Gaming OSD 2.0, for example, is the result of us listening to the needs of our customers. It's no longer just a program that adjusts the configuration of the monitor. It is now offering functions like Split Windows and Windows Tools for our users to have better experience when they work and play. We are confident that our users will feel the charm Gaming OSD 2.0 soon. If you have any suggestions that you would want us to put into Gaming OSD, or any questions regarding the use of the program, don’t hesitate and leave us some comments. Your feedback is our fuel for growth. MSI wishes you happy gaming.