HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. It features a dashboard that displays system status and has a touch panel for operation controls. It provides more convenience to users and enhances their work efficiency. Based on the concept, we incorporated this design into the MEG Aegis Ti5 and received many positive media reviews. Following the release of Intel’s 13th Gen processor, MEG Aegis Ti5 also launched HMI 2.0 to further connect with MSI gaming monitors' Gaming Intelligence. Moreover, MEG Trident X2 supports HMI 2.0 and has a 4.5-inch touch panel to let users control their system directly.

MSI Trident X2
MEG Aegis Ti5 has our first gen HMI design aka Gaming Dial. MEG Trident X2 has the second-gen with the so-called HMI 2.0

The interactive design makes things easier

We designed a touch panel at the front of the desktop to let users control and manage the system. At times, we are not always sitting in front of the desktop, but we want the system to be on standby and ready. Therefore, MSI is taking gaming desktops to the next level by giving users interaction capability with gaming desktops through the HMI concept. We listed some core HMI functions down below for your reference.

System Monitoring

We always care about our system status. Usually, we use 3rd party hardware monitor applications to monitor or use Windows Task Manager to check system performance status. It is not convenient and hard to setup. Moreover, you need open an additional window for monitoring or overlay windows during gameplay. Nowadays, you can easily watch the system dashboard for system status and the game FPS without complicated settings.

MSI Trident X2

Music Select and Volume Adjustment

When you want to listen to music but you don’t want to use your keyboard and mouse for music selection and volume adjustment, the HMI 2.0 can save time and easily be operated with a few touches.

MSI Trident X2

Quickly launch games with game mode

With a quick launch function, we can apply the games you most often play to the touch panel. Plus, MSI game mode function optimizes the game you play by maximizing performance, enabling better display, activating audio enhancement by Nahimic, or syncing RGB lighting to the game. Just one single touch and you can make it happen.

MSI Trident X2

One touch to control MSI monitors.

Use MSI's exclusive gaming intelligence application to control and manage MSI's monitor configuration. We combined HMI 2.0 and gaming intelligence applications to make MSI monitors easier to use. Through the touch panel, users can easily adjust their screen brightness, contrast, color profile, and more. Our exclusive gaming features like Smart Crosshair, Optix Scope, and Night Vision can give you the edge in key gaming moments.

MSI Trident X2

You probably noticed the HMI 2.0 design keeps decreasing the users' steps of operation. Our purpose is to make users easily achieve their demands with a single action. There are still many features waiting for you to explore. If you have interests in the HMI functions, please download the user manual for more detailed information. Some functions need to work in conjunction with MSI monitor products, so please check the list below to see if your MSI monitor is supported.

MSI HMI 2.0 Smart Touch Panel User Manual: Link
MSI HMI Supported Monitor Model List
MEG342C QD-OLED (Coming Soon)
MAG 325CQRX (Coming Soon)
MAG 275CQRX (Coming Soon)

MSI HMI Support Gaming Desktop List
HMI 1.0
HMI 2.0
MEG Aegis Ti5 13th (Coming Soon)

The Riftbreater

Do you have trouble choosing a gaming desktop and monitor for your gaming needs? Don't worry! MSI has launched a tool that can help you select the best gaming setup. Simply input your preferred game, and it will suggest the optimal combinations. Please click on the "Which game do you like?" banner to visit the website for more details.