In 2019, there are many different brands of gaming chairs on the market, but you as a consumer might be asking, “Do I need a gaming chair?” Someone who spends a significant amount of time in front of their computer would benefit most from a good Gaming Chair.
We know some of these chairs are known to be badly-constructed and over-hyped. In fact, many recommend that a simple office chair is miles better for sitting long hours. Although we agree, we also hate compromising.
Office chairs are great, no doubt about it. However, most of them miss a lot of essential features that you’d need for a long gaming session.
Gaming Chairs are designed for all sorts of gamers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heavy, skinny, tall, or short. The chair adjusts to you and helps you sit comfortably for those long gaming sessions. Much better than attempting to adjust to your chair, I’d say. So, the trick is finding a ‘great’ Gaming Chair.

Why do you need a gaming chair?

Well, long-term health is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors. If you’re sitting for 8 hours or more every day and can feel some pain and/or strain on your bottom, lower back, upper back, and/or neck, it might be time to switch to a more suitable chair.

Is the price of a Gaming Chair worth its quality?

Any furniture that's meant to be used extensively shouldn’t feel ‘cheap.’ After all, you’re supposed to spend hours in that chair. Wobbling and squeaking at the slightest move isn’t just distracting; it's also detrimental to your health.
Regardless of how your body changes over time, a Gaming Chair should be ready and able to adapt without any further modifications. We’re aware of the fact that some gaming chairs aren't well-constructed and skimp on quality to cut costs.
We'll give you a few tips that will help you tell quality furniture and poorly-made furniture apart. In fact, in many cases, you can conclude by just seeing the product’s detail page online.

What kind of Gaming Chair am I looking for?

When talking about any kind of chair, the answer is – it varies from person to person. For example, if you’re five foot ten, your needs won’t be the same as someone who is 7 feet tall.
So, with that in mind, we've put together a few different tips and features you should keep an eye out for. Not only will this ensure an excellent sitting experience and won’t have to worry about your long-term health, but it will also guarantee a quality product that is worth the money you pay.

Comfort Is Paramount: Seat Width, Cushions, and Foam

If you’re relatively big in size, odds are, you’ll need a wider seating area compared to others. The material and foam inside the seats should offer a blend of sturdiness and comfort – just enough to make sure you can comfortably sink into your gaming chair. Just a little, mind you, and certainly not as much as your living room couch.
Some chairs house a few layers of cushioning for additional comfort. For example, in MSI’s Gaming Chairs, it comes in the form of breathable foam.
Gaming Chair

Sturdy Build: Frame and Structure

The frame of a Gaming Chair can be made from several kinds of materials. It ranges from wood and hard plastic to solid steel. As expected, solid steel constructions are generally more stable.
A robust steel frame ensures that the chair won't seem poorly constructed, and won’t wobble and/or creak at the slightest movement. Before buying a chair, make sure it has a solid steel frame.
Gaming Chair

Robust Base: Materials and Quality

The elevation level of the base plate of the chair should be adjustable, i.e., there should be a piston that you can use to adjust the chair's height. Although this is a universal feature among most office and computer chairs, many of them don’t allow for too much flexibility.
It would be best if you had some flexibility to make sure that you’re comfortable when sitting for long hours.
In addition to flexibility, the base should be reliable as your weight will be resting squarely on it. Avoid any pricey Gaming Chairs that use plastic spokes instead of steel or aluminum for the chair base.
A well-built base goes a long way in providing a stable sitting experience. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a chair that wobbles like a cheap, plastic lawn chair.
Gaming Chair

Arm Rests: Adjustment and Comfort

If you’re looking at photos of a prospect gaming chair, ask yourself a few questions: “Are the armrests too high? Are the armrests in a position where they would feel like they are sinking if I sat in the chair? Can I adjust the elevation of the armrests? Can I turn them inward or outward? Do they look like they are too hard or soft?”
These questions might sound like a little bit too much information to be asking one’s self but go with your gut when answering these questions, and you’ll thank yourself later.
To make things easier, grab a chair with fully-adjustable armrests. Finding a chair that’s precisely right for your body is close to impossible if it doesn’t offer adjustability. Better adjustability means a much higher chance that you won’t need to compromise on posture.
Moreover, the armrests should not only be soft enough for your arm to rest comfortably but should also be made from a material that won’t accelerate perspiration.
Gaming Chair

Removable Headrest Pillow and Lumbar Cushion

You’re going to need a soft place to rest your noggin, which is precisely why reputable gaming chair manufacturers often include a headrest-pillow with their gaming chairs. Additionally, you may need a pillow for back support, commonly referred to as lumbar cushions.
However, their use isn’t necessary, per se, and it depends person-to-person. Some people love the extra support that these pillows provide. However, it isn’t for everyone.
So, do get a Gaming Chair that does come with these options, but make sure they're easily removable. If you find that they don’t suit your needs, remove them.
Gaming Chair

Introducing MSI’s New Gaming Chairs

We realized that gamers do need quality chairs that cater to their specific needs. Moreover, the prevailing Gaming Chairs’ lousy quality and terrible ergonomics was the reason that gamers were forced to look for other options.
So, we set about coming up with a solution that blends the looks and features of a gaming chair with the reliability, comfort, and quality that you’d expect from high-end office chairs.
MSI's range of Gaming Chairs is a result of that very endeavor.
We've studied the most ergonomic, most comfortable office chairs out there and crafted a fantastic range of gaming chairs to make sure that gamers don’t have to choose between looks, comfort, and quality.
The MSI CH110 and the MSI CH120 are set to be the new standard in Gaming chairs. They might come across as a little bit like a racing chair at first glance, but that’s just the design. In reality, they’re built to offer comfort that rivals even the best office chairs out there.
Both these chairs offer solid back-support and cushy comfort without being soft enough to hurt your posture.
The base plates and back-plates of these chairs house layers of breathable foam. This helps manage and reduce sweating.
You can also recline the chairs up to 180 degrees to lay down flat if you so desire. However, the best part about using the MSI CH110 or the CH 120 is how well they work if you are sitting down for extended periods.
Perhaps the best feeling you can have while sitting in one of these gaming chairs is the feel of a sturdy build, reliably supporting your back and weight. You need something that’s built as strong as a wall while remaining as comfortable as a couch.
Gaming Chair
For more information, make sure you head over to the product pages of the MAG CH110 (https://www.msi.com/Gaming-gear/MAG-CH110/Overview)
and the MAG CH120 Gaming Chair(https://www.msi.com/Gaming-gear/MAG-CH120/Overvie).