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As many of you may already know, MSI offers various gaming notebook series for users with different needs, either for extreme and ultra performance or for average and mainstream gaming experiences. There were a total of four and then were extended to five series (sometime around end of last year). The complete gaming notebook lineup now consists of GT, GS, GE, GP and the latest GL series (pic.1).

Pic.1 MSI Complete Gaming Notebook Lineup – Five Series

Each gaming notebook series targets at different type of gamers. Take GT series, for example, it’s designed for pure hardcore gamers. Under GT series, there are GT80 Titan SLI and GT72S Domonitor Pro G. You can simply read from their marketing names that these two come with the highest specifications, MXM SLI, S stands for MSI SuperRAID4, G stands for Nvidia G-Sync. Both series offer desktop level GTX980 GPU sku whereas GT80 has mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switch on board.
GS series caters for gamers who demand for both extreme gaming experience and portability. It’s calm and cool black chassis with the touch of the red MSI dragon shield logo expresses a kind of confident and professional attitude. Carry a GS series gaming notebook around for business visit and close deals confidently in the day time and play great games in the night to finish the day with a wonderful and relaxing ending reflect a perfect lifestyle for urban business gamers.

Pic.2 MSI Gaming Series vs. Gamers

GE series is designed for enthusiastic gamers. Their gaming skills might not be as professional as those pro gamers, but they definitely want to be overwhelmed by the vivid-like power of video games as if they are actually in the game. Performance and look of the gaming notebook for these gamers have to meet certain standards. Two muscle lines on the brushed aluminum chassis together with its Nvidia GTX960M and above discrete graphics card and several MSI exclusive gaming features shall satisfy these gamers’ desire. What’s worth mentioning here is that the GE series provides comprehensive graphics card choices, from GTX950M to GTX970M.
GP series is for performance gamers who have a little bit of budget concern and are in search of gaming notebooks with good specifications and notebooks capable of delivering smooth and powerful gaming effects. They are ready to dive into the virtual gaming world anytime. GL series, on the other hand, is designed for mainstream gamers looking for standard gaming effects.
For those who prefer to tone down the gaming style of the notebook, you may try the new Prestige series, launched last year for urban style/fashion oriented gamers. PX and PE series are ready to meet your needs. PX is designed for those looking for extreme gaming experience whereas PE is for those looking for performance gaming effects.
You shall discover that MSI offers the most comprehensive gaming notebook choices for various needs. It is impossible that one can’t find a perfect choice from MSI.



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