Deciding between a curved or a flat monitor is already a hard-enough choice, but add to that equation several curvatures like 1000R, 1500R, and 1800R that you’ll invariably encounter during your research, and you find yourself in a soup. Just getting more confused than when you started this journey. So, let’s simplify this, shall we?

If you’re targeting near-perfect immersion in games or movies and shows (or all three) and/or love huge, expansive displays that span your entire field of view, a 1000R curved monitor is undoubtedly the best choice.

Here are 5 compelling reasons that make considering a 1000R Curved Monitor a no-brainer:

1. Unmatched Immersion

The human field of view isn’t flat. It’s curved (at 1000R). Hence, even when using a large, flat monitor, there are some areas of the screen that just won’t fit into your field of vision naturally. The real world invariably intrudes into the periphery of your vision. However, a 1000R curved monitor matches your field of view, curves and all – making it the ideal choice for best-in-class immersion.

Unmatched Immersion

Going with a 1000R curved display helps you ensure that the picture on your monitor envelops you – putting you right at the center of all the action.

2. Better Viewing Angles

A flat monitor’s edges are bound to sit at a sharper angle to your eyes compared to the center of your screen. You’ll often encounter distortion to either the picture, its color, or both, at the edges of a flat display.

On the other hand, a 1000R curved monitor brings those edges in towards you – making an angle closer to 90-degrees even at the extreme edges.

Better Viewing Anglesn

A curved monitor offers much better viewing angles, making the picture on your screen pop, without leaving the edges looking washed out. That’s not all. Better viewing angles also minimize reflections on the edges of your monitor as you’re sitting almost perpendicular to the entire display.

3. Superior Viewing Comfort

Whether you’re gaming or having an extended Netflix binge session, caring for your eyes is paramount. A flat monitor’s edges will be much farther away from your eyes compared to the center of the display. The problem compounds as you go up in screen size.

What does this mean? Well, your eyes have to adjust to accommodate a change in viewing distance as you glance across the screen. Researchers have found that this constant change in focal length is tied to symptoms of eye fatigue like headaches and soreness in the eye.

Curved monitors alleviate this problem to an extent because both the edges and center of a 1000R curved monitor sit nearly equidistant to your eyes. Researchers at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom confirmed this phenomenon with a study. Participants gaming on a 1000R curved display exhibited fewer symptoms of eye fatigue compared to a monitor with a more gradual curve (1800R). You can watch the full study here.

4. Enhanced Field of View

There’s a hard limit to how large a flat monitor could be before you have no choice but to move back to accommodate it within your field of view. However, that’s not exactly an option when it comes to sitting at your table and watching a movie or playing the latest games.

A 1000R curved monitor helps you cover much more area of the screen naturally as it matches the curvature of your vision. Not only does this enhance immersion, but it also means you can take in additional screen real estate at the same viewing distance.

5. Excellent Build Quality

Achieving a sharp curve like a 1000R curved monitor showcases is no easy feat. It requires a combination of premium materials, quality workmanship, and best-in-class engineering to make it happen. That’s why 1000R curved monitors, like the ones in MSI’s ARTYMIS lineup, are much more likely to feature a better, more robust build quality.

MSI Takes Immersive Gaming with a 1000R Curved Monitor to the Next Level

Although a 1000R Curved Monitor already offers the most immersive experience, we improve on it even further with a myriad of gaming and display-related features. Not only do they help you dominate the battlefield, but they also ensure that any picture on your screen looks downright stunning.

Excellent Build Quality

Top-Notch VA Panel

MSI’s ARTYMIS Series of monitors come equipped with high-quality VA panels that deliver realistic colors, fast response times, as well as excellent contrast ratios. Add to this HDR400 certification and FreeSync Premium, and you get monitors that allow you to immerse yourself in games like never before. What’s more, they facilitate your Netflix binge sessions with an immersion that places you right at the center of all the action.

Smart Gaming

The ARTYMIS Series also boasts smart gaming features that are designed to enhance your gameplay experience by leaps and bounds.

Optix Scope: Allows you to zoom in even further on targets at a distance for an accurate shot. The seconds spent straining your eyes to get a better look are a thing of the past with MSI Optix Scope.

Night Vision: Breathes new life into dark scenes without losing detail. The VA panel’s excellent contrast ratio pairs perfectly with Night Vision to deliver realistic dark scenes that don’t leave you blind to what’s happening without masking the scene in a strange shade of grey. A scene at night now looks exactly as it should.

Sound Tune: Goes past traditional noise cancellation by going through a Deep Neural Network to remove background sounds from your discord sessions without affecting voices. The result? A clarity that allows you to stay alert on the battlefield instead of straining to hear what your teammates are saying.

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See More Information: https://msi.gm/artymis-series