Watching your favorite movies and shows on the largest screen in the house, i.e., your TV, is a no-brainer for most people. But what if someone at home is already watching something on it or you just want to lean back in your chair and watch a few shows in your room?

Won’t a ‘Normal’ Gaming Monitor Work for Entertainment?

It really depends.

While gaming or working, you’re more likely to be sitting upright and focused on your monitor. However, when you’re relaxing and leaning back in a chair – things are a bit different. At that distance on a flat gaming display, you’ll start to see color/picture distortion around the edges, especially with VA or TN panels.

Although IPS panels sort viewing angles out to a certain degree, they lose out to VA panels when it comes to contrast ratio. A higher contrast ratio allows for far better-looking dark scenes that preserve every detail. Losing detail in a dark scene is sure to break your immersion in a movie or a show – as you struggle to see what’s happening. A certain episode of Game of Thrones had viewers in a tizzy because the scenes were ‘too dark,’ and people just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

We can solve both these issues (distortion due to sharp viewing angles and loss of detail in dark scenes) with cinematic curved VA panels like the ones used on MSI’s ARTYMIS 1000R curved monitors.

The Human Field of View

Although you might not have noticed it, we humans have a curved field of view. Not flat.

An average human can see roughly 210-degrees in front of them (without factoring in eye movements). That said, when you’re trying to watch a show or a movie, you don’t want your eyes darting across various parts of the screen to keep up with what’s happening.

The Human Field of View

So, when you’re looking at an ultrawide display that matches the curvature of your own field of view, it makes for a more natural, immersive viewing experience. But how much of a curve is a good curve? You can find a detailed overview of popular curvatures in monitors in our 1000R vs. 1500R vs. 1800R article.

Long story short, a 1000R curved display most closely fits the human field of view – making it the most comfortable.

Unmatched Immersion and Picture Quality

A TV is mounted quite a bit away from where you’re sitting, making its expansive size a non-issue for most living rooms. However, a monitor is sitting much closer to you. A flat monitor goes outside your field of view very quickly, as the image below shows.

Unmatched Immersion and Picture Quality

So, do you compromise and buy a much smaller size? Or do you stick with a larger monitor and keep moving your eyes across the screen?

A curved 1000R monitor allows even a large panel to stay within the confines of your field of view. What’s more, its curvature also ensures that every part of your display, including the corners, are facing you at roughly the same angle – almost head-on.

Now, if you’ll recall, VA panels offer excellent contrasts and great color. Their only drawback is distortion at very sharp viewing angles (especially edges). So, what better way to resolve this, than curving the screen in a way that every part is equidistant from your eyes. If you’re looking for the most natural curve, i.e., 1000R, VA panels are the only type that can reach this curvature.

A curved monitor enhances your viewing experience, improves colors, while also delivering the best-in-class contrasts that VA panels are known for. The 1000R curve blends perfectly with a UWQHD/WQHD resolution, completely surrounding you by covering even the periphery of your field of vision. Everything else vanishes. The result? Perfect immersion.

UWQHD/WQHD resolution

Add to this HDR and great color coverage, and you get a monitor that’s almost purpose-built for a cinematic viewing experience. Whether you’re relaxing after a long workday binging on the latest shows on Netflix or going on a YouTube spree, a 1000R curved monitor will enthrall you like a regular, flat monitor never could.

MSI’s Night Vision technology is a smart black tuner that further enhances darker scenes by bringing out the detail in them without losing the ‘darkness’ of said scene. MSI Night Vision tunes the picture to ensure you don’t miss out on any detail in the dark without compromising the essence of that scene.

Eye Care

When you’re watching shows or movies for several hours at a stretch, it’s important to make sure your eyes don’t suffer. Although taking frequent breaks is ideal (and recommended), sometimes you’re watching something so gripping that you just can’t seem to stop.

So, does a curved monitor offer better viewing comfort? We asked ourselves the same question! That’s why we teamed up with University of Bradford’s School of Optometry & Vision Science to study digital eye strain in more detail.

Researchers do agree that, theoretically, a more natural curved display should be more comfortable to use as objects across the screen are at a more comfortable plane of focus.

And that’s precisely what the study found as well. Participants reported much better immersion and lower eye strain on a 1000R curved monitor compared to an 1800R curved monitor. The researchers also noted the reduction of non-verbal signs of eye fatigue in participants when using the 1000R curved monitor.

To further enhance viewing comfort and minimize eye strain, the MSI ARTYMIS 1000R curved monitors feature a TUV-Certified Flicker Free and Less Blue Light display. It reduces the strain on your eyes by reducing the amount of blue light you can see and eliminating screen flicker. The result is a comfortable viewing experience that’ll make sure you minimize any discomfort from your next Netflix binge.

Eye Care

A cinematic, 1000R Curved UWQHD/WQHD Display enhances your immersion, but does the same hold true for gaming? Let’s figure out whether it’s time to upgrade to a 1000R curved gaming monitor!

See More Information: https://msi.gm/Artymis-Series