June 05, 2018 Build guide 2018: best value Intel B360 RGB gaming PC Nowadays, building a pc is not only about rapid gaming speed, but also about stunning and eye-catching designs. with the rapid progress of science and technology, when professional computer gamers buy gaming pcs these days, in addition to the basic [...]
June 01, 2018 MSI GT75 Titan Got Over 86% Performance Boost with Intel® Core i9 8950HK! Maybe many of the gamers and advanced users already knew that the 8th gen intel core i7 platform coms with the latest 6c/12t architecture, and it’s the first time that intel put overclockable cpu at i9 position (tdp [...]
May 29, 2018 Build guide 2018: the snow white Intel H310 budget gaming PC Building a desktop computer can be a lot more complicated than it seems. if you don't have a computer-savvy friend to help you, and your own knowledge is limited, you might decide to leave the decision-making to someone who works [...]
May 29, 2018 Build guide 2018: the best high-performance Intel B360 compact computer The fun part about diy computer assembly is picking each component individually based on your preferences, needs, and budget to create a personalized machine. the launch of the 8th generation of intel core processors and 300 series motherboard has taken performance [...]
May 28, 2018 GS65 Stealth Thin, The slightest & powerful Gaming with 8 hours battery life! Msi launched more than 18 models gaming laptop on intel® 8th gen core i9/i7 mobile platform, the latest and most attractive one should be this ultra-slim but powerful notebook, gs65 stealth thin. this brand new design gaming notebook from [...]
April 11, 2018 Over 49% Performance Boost of Intel® Core i7 8750H on MSI GE63 Raider RGB NB! Last week on 4/3, intel launched their latest 8th gen core i7 processors platform, the core i7 8750h cpu. the improvement of the core i7 8750h is not only a new generation, but also very significant improve as first 6cores/12threads [...]
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