May 04, 2016 MOD PRO INSIDER: JIM WEIST - BLACK & WHITE, FOREVER CLASSIC  Who are you and where are you from? How many mods have you made now? How many year have you spent on modding? My name is Jim Weist, aka Orange Clockwerk. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio in the United [...]
May 03, 2016 Aegis Launch day @ PAX East 2016 Hey Gamers , After counting down for three months, we finally launched the Aegis @ PAX EAST, our latest powerful Gaming Desktop PC. Thank you for your patience, the Aegis is absolutely worth the wait. Are you ready for Aegis? Well, let’[...]
April 27, 2016 MSI GT80 and GT72S VR ready models with HTC VIVE VR ready games! Many hardcore gamers have started to get their HTC VIVE gears this month, we have also gotten it on hand. Play the HTC VIVE with GT72S Dominator Pro or GT80 Titan SLI is really excited, the best combination of [...]
March 22, 2016 Upgrade your AWESOME Nightblade X2 The topic I want to discuss with everyone today is how to upgrade your own MSI Nightblade X2 gaming desktop. Most of the PC gamers are familiar with assembling a desktop, but for the gamers that are new to the [...]
March 17, 2016 Gear up with the MSI Interceptor DS300 GAMING mouse Looking for a new gaming mouse? Here’s why the new MSI Interceptor DS300 GAMING mouse is a solid choice for any gamer besides being one of the most comfortable right-handed gaming mice.Highly accurate laser sensorWhether you’re playing [...]
March 02, 2016 Five Reasons to Game on MSI Z170 Motherboards REASONS TO GAME ON MSI Z170 MOTHERBOARDS You expect nothing but the best in speed, sound and performance when upgrading your gaming rig. The MSI GAMING motherboards are designed by gamers, for gamers. Better yet, the MSI Z170 GAMING motherboards [...]
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