January 08, 2016 MSI Showcases Future of PC Gaming at CES 2016 [MSI, HQ]MSI, a leading manufacturer of gaming hardware products and solutions, showcases the future of PC gaming technology with an award-winning selection of ultra-portable and desktop-replacement gaming laptops; including CES Innovation Honorees GS40 Phantom and Vortex Gaming Tower.”MSI [...]
December 30, 2015 This was MSI Gaming 2015 The year is almost over, and it has been a great year for gamers. Last few weeks we asked our fans on Facebook about some of the great features and games of 2015, here are some results of the year 2015. This [...]
December 30, 2015 Do You Know? New nVIDIA Mobile Quadro Graphics Play Games As Good As GTX Graphics! We are not telling you that you could buy a Mobile Workstation just for play games, but we are going to tell you the Mobile Workstation with mobile Quadro graphics is not only for 3~5x faster than GTX graphics on [...]
December 17, 2015 DETAILED SETTINGS OF GAMING NOTEBOOK BETWEEN DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE GAP – DOTA2 GRAPHICS TWEAK GUIDE  Multiplayer online battle arena games, aka MOBAs, are wildly popular around the world, earning some teams millions of dollars in prizes at international eSports competitions.Dota 2 is a competitive game of action and strategy, played both professionally and casually by [...]
December 11, 2015 Start Your Smooth Gaming Experience Now PC gamers are always looking for a smooth Gaming experience with glorious Ultra graphics settings and 60+ FPS, which is exactly what we aim to provide. We offer you the products to enjoy your games, but not every gamer knows what [...]
December 10, 2015 The essence of elite - Introduce the Prestige series PX60 – Previous GenerationMSI first launched a new notebook series called, Prestige Series, for business elite and professionals such as corporate in-house or freelance designers in early 2015. Three models were introduced: PX60, PE70 and PE60 and the CPU used was based [...]
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