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March 01, 2015 Power adaptors: ratings and output Generally speaking, notebooks use a lot less power than desktop systems, even our most high-powered ones, such as the GT80 Titan. This comes with a pretty large 330W power adaptor, and is by far the most power-hungry notebook in the [...]
March 01, 2015 GE62: Photos and specs The all-new GE62 is an all-new machine that will sit in the mid-to-high end portable gaming segment. It is, as we’ve pointed out earlier, slimmer and lighter, while being higher performing as well as quieter. We also think it [...]
February 03, 2015 GE62 vs. GE60 The GE62 was unveiled at CES, and us obviously the successor to the out-going-but-not-quite-dead-yet GE60. In fact, the GE60 will still remain in the MSI line-up for a while, but the GE62 will bridge the gap between the GE60 and [...]
January 21, 2015 Thunderbolt 2: Performance Intel’s proprietary multi-purpose interface Thunderbolt has always been a high-performance solution for connecting up your external devices, although it has never really made an impact on the consumer market. In other words, it is an interface for mostly professional [...]
January 13, 2015 CES 2015: New Notebook Launches A lot of you will be familiar with the new gaming notebooks launched by MSI, as we've already been making some noise about the GT80 SLI Titan as well as the GS30 Shadow beforehand. However, we want to clarify what's [...]
April 08, 2014 Gaming is Anytime, Anywhere – nXa Gaming team interview Jakarta - Indonesia, Final MSI BEAT IT Gaming League just closed, nXa Gaming, one of MSI's official sponsored professional e-sports team, featured 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2CS:GO & Crysis tournaments in the most prestigious DOTA 2 events. Dedicated to support local [...]
January 29, 2014 3K IPS Introduction & Benefits The high resolution 3K IPS LCD panel is definitely suitable for most needs of animation/design/gamers. More than that, its higher spec and performance will deliver much more detailed quality and exciting visual experience to the users.Resolution of 3[...]
January 22, 2014 Interview with the team captain of MSI-EvoGT’s FPS squad MSI-EvoGT was officially established on 19 March 2012 to serve as the brand representative of MSI in Philippines. MSI-EvoGT has achieved great honors in WCG and is now a fan chased-after eSport team. Here, we have an exclusive interview with the team [...]
January 14, 2014 Killer Doubleshot Advantages Killer Doubleshot AdvantagesBuilt for intense online games and real-time internet applications, the Killer technology platforms use a Network Processing unit and a variety of exclusive technologies to provide unprecedented performance.The simple way to check and monitor the apps who [...]
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