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June 29, 2016 The feature you will like , Aegis easy upgrade solutions. MSI redefined the Gaming PC, we didn’t only equip it with high end components and built to get high performance. It also comes with real Gaming DNA. Since MSI launched Aegis at the end of April, gamers are looking [...]
May 03, 2016 Aegis Launch day @ PAX East 2016 Hey Gamers , After counting down for three months, we finally launched the Aegis @ PAX EAST, our latest powerful Gaming Desktop PC. Thank you for your patience, the Aegis is absolutely worth the wait. Are you ready for Aegis? Well, let’[...]
March 22, 2016 Upgrade your AWESOME Nightblade X2 The topic I want to discuss with everyone today is how to upgrade your own MSI Nightblade X2 gaming desktop. Most of the PC gamers are familiar with assembling a desktop, but for the gamers that are new to the [...]
February 03, 2016 The ins and outs of MSI Dragon Eye Know the feeling of having only one display but still want to watch a game guide, tutorial, live match or tournament stream while playing a game? Switching screens to follow all the action is very inconvenient. MSI proudly presents a [...]
February 02, 2016 CES 2016 Live  Hi Gamer  Consumer Technology Association (CES) is well known as the biggest IT show in the world and the first one in a new year, there are always some cool things showing up on CES. Of course MSI was also [...]
January 29, 2016 10 epic all-in-one features for your gaming experience 10 Epic All-in-OneFeatures MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs are complete GAMING Command Centers waiting for you to start your next challenge. These GAMING Command Centers are equipped with the best loadouts for all your adventures. Whether you go on an exciting hunt [...]
January 10, 2016 Rainbow Six – Siege, gameplay and introducing the Nightblade X2 with GTX 980TI. Today we are going to introduce the gameTom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege is adapted from Tom Clancy’s best selling novel.The first generation was released in 1998, and now the 18th generation for the series [...]
October 08, 2015 The ins and outs of MSI Gaming Center Gamers love to be in control. In a game, on the battlefield and when using their PC. To give gamers optimal control of their hardware, MSI has developed MSI Gaming Center. This smart piece of software lets you control some [...]
August 11, 2015 9 things that make Nightblade MI a console beater With the 'console war' going on, some people say PC Gaming is dying. On the contrary, PC Gaming is hot! More than 1.2 billion people are playing PC games online. At MSI we believe the era of PC Gaming has just [...]
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