How to upgrade the MSI Aegis 3 Gaming Desktop So you got yourself a msi aegis 3 gaming desktop or you are looking to buy one. well, you are on a good path! the msi aegis 3 is a good choice for your gaming needs now ánd in the future. the [...]
Introducing GT75VR, the First 17’Gaming Laptop with Rapid. Mechanical Keyboard What gives gt75vr the right? alas, the long-awaited, much anticipated gt75vr is finally making its way into the market; knocking on competitors’ doors with ill-intent. that being said, the most sought-after features in this new boss around the [...]
Picking the best Gaming Desktop for you! Infinite vs Infinite A Recently msi announced a new gaming desktop series called infinite. this to complete their fast growing line-up of pre-build gaming desktops. this current line-up includes the powerful and small trident series, easy to carry and versatile nightblade series and the [...]
Why GAMING M7 should be at the heart of your gaming rig Picking a new motherboard for your gaming build can be a tough nut to crack. in the world of awesome looking motherboards with extreme performance, choices often seem hard to make. however, dig a little deeper and you’ll reward [...]
Don’t worry about X299 VRM – Unlocking the potential of X299 & overclocking tips Let me start by saying we've all seen various extreme platforms over the years with small issues just after launch, x299 is no exception. however, things are not so bad as some make you believe they are. x299 actually offers [...]
Why LIGHTNING is the best at overclocking. One graphics card is not equal to another. that may be obvious when looking at them, but when it comes to all the technical stuff that’s going on between the fans and the backplate, there’s actually a surprising [...]
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