MOD PRO INSIDER: AT DOOM'S GATE BY MOOZ What is modding? modding is the modification of a computer case or a video game console chassis. modifying a computer case in any non-standard way is considered a case mod. modding is done, particularly by hardware enthusiasts, to show off [...]
IT brands can also be “kawaii” in Japan – “Moe” Mascot Character (萌えキャラ) For the upcoming japan tokyo game show 2015, (see why gamers should visit tokyo game show?) we would like to introduce you to the japan moe culture and what hardware manufacturers do with it. what is japan moe mascot character?[...]
Chances to Immerse Yourself in the Height of Japanese ACG Culture - The Tokyo Game Show We know you just finished gamescom 2015 in germany and we hope you had a lot of fun with msi. but speaking of the world’s must-visit game shows, you cannot miss this one – the tokyo game show.the tokyo game [...]
GeForce Experience: Gamestream co-op Our gaming notebooks are exclusively sold with nvidia geforce graphics, which means added benefits of nvidia software. one such benefit is geforce experience, which up until now has been perhaps most useful for optimizing your in-game graphics settings to match [...]
Broadwell vs. Haswell – part 3: wPrime Part 3 in our article series of highlighting the advances on the cpu market brings us to yet another benchmark – wprime. basically, wprime calculates prime numbers for the fun of it, much like superpi calculates decimals of pi. it is a [...]
VR – Virtual Reality Vr is coming on strong, and with more than a little purpose. while the most well-known vr project so far is oculus rift, a lot of other actors on the market are racing to get in on the action as [...]
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