9 things that make Nightblade MI a console beater With the 'console war' going on, some people say pc gaming is dying. on the contrary, pc gaming is hot! more than 1.2 billion people are playing pc games online. at msi we believe the era of pc gaming has just [...]
PC Gaming 101: How to upgrade your graphics card With exciting new pc game titles coming out constantly, you might find your trusty old pc coming up short in the frames per second department. if you're experiencing screenlag, stuttering or having to resort to low/medium graphics settings to [...]
Notebook Feature Video Ever wondered about all the special features that go into an msi gaming notebook? need someone to explain stuff such as super raid, killer networking and other features for you? well, worry no longer – we’ve created a handy 18-minute [...]
COMPUTEX in Pictures For msi, computex is always a highlight of june, with tons of international media and visitors swarming the nangang exhibition hall. we’ve already touched on one of our biggest eye-catchers of 2015, the tobii eye-tracking equipped gt72, but apart from [...]
How to become No.1 in Gaming… Msi provides the tools to become no.1 in gaming, but you still need the skills to get there. to help you get to the top of the score charts, we have created 15 rules to be the ultimate overlord, the absolute [...]
MSI Pro Talk #1: Pro Dota 2 Caster TobiWan Recap - Part 2 We are back with the second part of the first episode of msi pro talk with soe 'soembie' gschwind and toby 'tobiwan' dawson. we left off the first part with the pair discussing what a typical day looks like for [...]
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