How to overclock your AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700X on MSI X470 motherboards? Here’s the guide for you! Although overclocking can yield tremendous benefits, it might not be everyone's cup of tea. however, there is a level of satisfaction you get from unlocking extra performance from a processor that you already own. the amd ryzen™ 7 2700x is already [...]
The X470 Gaming Pro Carbon Lays The Foundation For A Prosumer Workstation PC! It's been a long time coming, but amd's zen microarchitecture finally put the red chipmaker back on the map. and now with the recent launch of the company’s refined x470 platform and second generation of ryzen processors, there is [...]
Best Tech Gift Ideas Under $1225 – Christmas on A Budget Challenge Christmas is just around the corner and you're probably already hunting for that perfect tech gift. fret not, you’re not alone! what do you even buy? do you go for that high-end monitor you see or that fancy motherboard? [...]
How can you overclock your Intel 9th Gen CPU up to 5GHz with MSI Z390 motherboards? Here are a few tips you should know. Intel has just launched its 9th gen processors, along with the new z390 chipset. core i9-9900k, i7-9700k and i5-9600k have also been introduced to the lineup. compared to 8th gen processors, intel has increased [...]
Intel Z370 vs Z390 Chipset: How different they are? With the launch of z390 motherboards, you might be wondering if you're missing out by not jumping to gaming motherboards built around the latest chipset from intel. this question becomes even more pertinent if you're already using a z370 motherboard.   [...]
MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE gets the fastest WiFi module with Killer! Meg z390 godlike delivers incredible networking performance there is no other motherboard coming to market that is generating more excitement than msi's meg z390 godlike motherboard. it is packed full of incredible hardware and features that gamers and consumers will [...]
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