MOD PRO INSIDER: Twelve-80 – KRAIT GAMING Edition 1.     who are you and where are you from? how many mods have you made now? how many year have you spent on modding? well, i’m dave cathey, but i usually go by insolentgnome in the modding world, and i’[...]
Getting Started with Mixed Reality (MR) in 9 Easy Steps Virtual reality (vr) v.s. mixed reality (mr) following the release of virtual reality (vr) products such as the htc vive and oculus rift, vr has already become the hottest topic of the year. this has also led to a [...]
MSI Pro Talk #1: Pro Dota 2 Caster TobiWan Recap - Part 2 We are back with the second part of the first episode of msi pro talk with soe 'soembie' gschwind and toby 'tobiwan' dawson. we left off the first part with the pair discussing what a typical day looks like for [...]
MSI Pro Talk #1: Pro Dota 2 Caster TobiWan Recap - Part 1 Gaming is a big part of our lives here at msi, and we wanted to share our passion for all things gaming and hardware with you, the fans. as a result, we began a new series called 'msi pro talk' [...]
7 Things Only Hardcore PC Gamers Understand 1. what you have said to your girlfriend (or mom?) the most is “i just need to finish…” maybe it’ll be done in 5 minutes, or maybe it’ll be done in 2 hours. to be honest, you don’t even mind [...]
7 Must-Have Gaming Hardware You Should Have Right Now! 1. oculus rift crescent bay as you might know, oculus merged with facebook in march 2014 for $2 billion and has focused mostly on gaming. crescent bay first debuted last september at oculus' developer conference. besides brand new lightweight headphones with a built-in [...]
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