How to Setup Triple Curved Gaming Monitors The ultimate gaming experience, once and for all for computer users who are used to having multiple monitors, it is actually really hard for them to return to work on a single monitor. because not only the processors are equipped [...]
How to choose a proper monitor for gaming? Graphics are everything for gaming. without the colorful, vibrant graphics, games become less convincing. without a smooth, delay free display, a thrilling battle turns into an unbearable struggle. so, in order to avoid the problems mentioned above, you purchase the [...]
MOD PRO INSIDER: Twelve-80 – KRAIT GAMING Edition 1.     who are you and where are you from? how many mods have you made now? how many year have you spent on modding? well, i’m dave cathey, but i usually go by insolentgnome in the modding world, and i’[...]
MSI first to break 5000MHz memory clock barrier A true testament to 30 years of building the best hardwareto celebrate msi’s 30th anniversary and showcase msi’s dedication to continue to bring the world the fastest hardware, overclocker toppc pushed the z170i gaming pro ac to be [...]
Gear up with the MSI Interceptor DS300 GAMING mouse Looking for a new gaming mouse? here’s why the new msi interceptor ds300 gaming mouse is a solid choice for any gamer besides being one of the most comfortable right-handed gaming mice.highly accurate laser sensorwhether you’re playing [...]
RGB LEDs Lighting and Styling our life Nowadays, rgb leds have been widely used in many kinds of industries. at the beginning, leds were usually used as indicator lights in the field of electronic devices, digital clocks and so on. however, due to its advantages of lower [...]
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