Buying guide for the Intel 8th Generation Gaming Motherboard – MSI Z370 GAMING Series Motherboard   all new best companion for the intel® core™ i7-8700k 6 core processor buying guide for the intel 8th generation gaming motherboard – msi z370 gaming series motherboard   esports is the essential driving force behind the development of the pc industry [...]
LLC, what is it and why are MSI Z370 motherboards the best choice for overclocking?   since the day we started developing motherboards, we’ve always made sure to deliver maximum performance and beyond. one of the things that helps delivering just that, is llc. you might have heard about llc or loadline calibration some times, [...]
Why GAMING M7 should be at the heart of your gaming rig Picking a new motherboard for your gaming build can be a tough nut to crack. in the world of awesome looking motherboards with extreme performance, choices often seem hard to make. however, dig a little deeper and you’ll reward [...]
Don’t worry about X299 VRM – Unlocking the potential of X299 & overclocking tips Let me start by saying we've all seen various extreme platforms over the years with small issues just after launch, x299 is no exception. however, things are not so bad as some make you believe they are. x299 actually offers [...]
MOD PRO INSIDER: Star Trek Voyager - USS Dragon 1     1.     who are you and where are you from? how many mods have you made now? how many year have you spent on modding? my name is stefan from randomdesign. i am a german artist and this is my fourth-year modding [...]
RGB LEDs Lighting and Styling our life Nowadays, rgb leds have been widely used in many kinds of industries. at the beginning, leds were usually used as indicator lights in the field of electronic devices, digital clocks and so on. however, due to its advantages of lower [...]
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