Get a free performance boost with Afterburner OC Scanner Literally 1-click overclocking! always wanted to get more performance out of your graphics card, but don't know how overclocking works or simply don’t want to risk it? the new oc scanner feature in msi afterburner will do the overclocking [...]
AMD B350 vs. B450 Chipset : What’s the main difference? With the launch of the brand-new 2nd generation ryzen cpus featuring 12nm cores, the release of a new mid-range 400-series chipset was imminent. motherboards featuring the b350 chipset have remained one of the most popular options for mid-range buyers who [...]
Over 49% Performance Boost of Intel® Core i7 8750H on MSI GE63 Raider RGB NB! Last week on 4/3, intel launched their latest 8th gen core i7 processors platform, the core i7 8750h cpu. the improvement of the core i7 8750h is not only a new generation, but also very significant improve as first 6cores/12threads [...]
LLC, what is it and why are MSI Z370 motherboards the best choice for overclocking?   since the day we started developing motherboards, we’ve always made sure to deliver maximum performance and beyond. one of the things that helps delivering just that, is llc. you might have heard about llc or loadline calibration some times, [...]
Don’t worry about X299 VRM – Unlocking the potential of X299 & overclocking tips Let me start by saying we've all seen various extreme platforms over the years with small issues just after launch, x299 is no exception. however, things are not so bad as some make you believe they are. x299 actually offers [...]
Why LIGHTNING is the best at overclocking. One graphics card is not equal to another. that may be obvious when looking at them, but when it comes to all the technical stuff that’s going on between the fans and the backplate, there’s actually a surprising [...]
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