The ins and outs of MSI Gaming Center Gamers love to be in control. in a game, on the battlefield and when using their pc. to give gamers optimal control of their hardware, msi has developed msi gaming center. this smart piece of software lets you control some [...]
9 things that make Nightblade MI a console beater With the 'console war' going on, some people say pc gaming is dying. on the contrary, pc gaming is hot! more than 1.2 billion people are playing pc games online. at msi we believe the era of pc gaming has just [...]
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain bundle Metal gear solid v: the phantom pain is a game surely no one wants to miss this fall, and its launch date is set for september 1. however, with the help of nvidia and the game like a boss campaign, you [...]
5 Tips to Boost Your Gaming PC's Performance Feel like your pc is getting slower over time? here are some great and easy to do tips to improve your game pc’s performance to make it feel like brand new.   tip 1: game boost, your pc gets [...]
7 Things Only Hardcore PC Gamers Understand 1. what you have said to your girlfriend (or mom?) the most is “i just need to finish…” maybe it’ll be done in 5 minutes, or maybe it’ll be done in 2 hours. to be honest, you don’t even mind [...]
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