RGB LEDs Lighting and Styling our life Nowadays, rgb leds have been widely used in many kinds of industries. at the beginning, leds were usually used as indicator lights in the field of electronic devices, digital clocks and so on. however, due to its advantages of lower [...]
Customize your gaming rig with CARBON motherboards featuring Mystic Light      into modding?msi x99 & z170 carbon are perfect for you! what's new?when we introduced the x99a godlike gaming motherboard back in july 2015, it was the world’s first rgb led motherboard and most extreme gaming platform. [...]
DDR4 Boost: What is it exactly? - Update Update oct. 5, 2015 - media confirms: best to use ddr4 with intel skylake the new intel skylake platform is meant to be used with ddr4 memory and has limited support for ddr3l memory. it is important to know that skylake [...]
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