Mattia Bonavida


Mattia Bonavida, 25y/o, born and raised in Riva del Garda on lake Garda, Italy, is a landscape and travel photographer whose aim is to create something unique.

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I aim to use colors to tell the emotions and stories through the photos

Mattia loves to use colors to impress the viewer and to tell emotional stories through his photos

He worked with Nikon Japan for the Nikon D5600 product tour, and now he is a worldwide brand ambassador for Viewbug . He often goes hiking in the mountains for several hours, trying to get the perfect shot. He is well-known on Instagram and Facebook, where he has a certain amount of followers.

"The touching moment comes from creativity, from the passion for discovering, and from the desire to travel.”

" Traveling for me means knowing how to tell the places I see, the people I meet and the emotions I feel through my photographs. Traveling is a continuous discovery, it is knowing how to excite even in front of small things."

Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Lake Garda, his lovely hometown.

Mattia became a professional photographer at a very young age and reached some of the most suggestive corners of this planet.Travel photography is made up of long walks, so the weight becomes an important discriminant. " In the past, carrying a 17 inch laptop with me seemed difficult, but now it became now reality."

Best travel mate: MSI P75 Creator

A thin, light and incredibly powerful notebook, the slimness does not really limit its creativity. " How to use the color precisely is crucial for ediiting my photos. I like to play with it - maybe adjusting contrasts rather than saturation - it always becomes a characteristic element of my artworks, I chose the P75 Creator because it has a great fidelity of colors, and it's the fundamental for photographer."

The art of knowing how to combine the extraordinary beauty of nature, light, colors and people: Here is the magical scene behind Mattia Bonavida, as a photographer, the creativity is always on the move.

" So now you know me a little better, you know who I am, what I do and how I work, I would like to invite you all to follow me on my next trips, to discover many different cultures together with their own specific stories."


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