When powering on your MSI products for the very time, you will walk through a Windows 11 Out of Box Experience (OOBE), which will guide you to complete a series of fundamental settings for Windows 11 OS. You may refer to the detailed instructions below.

1. Select your language, and click "Yes"

2. Select your Country or Region, and click “Yes”

3. Select your preferred keyboard setting and input, and click “Yes”

4. If you would like to add a second keyboard, please click “Add layout”; If not, then click “Skip”

5.Select and connect to the desired Internet, input the password, and click ”Next”

*If there’s no built-in keyboard on your MSI products or you have difficulty accessing the On-Screen Keyboard (OSK), please connect to an external keyboard via the USB port or long-press the power button for 10 seconds and restart the system to allow Windows OS to re-access the OSK.

6. Please go through the License Agreement and click “Accept”

7. Input your personal Microsoft account and password to log in

*If you don’t have a Microsoft account, please click “Create a new account” on this page

8. Create a PIN code to ensure fast and secure login

9. Please select the privacy setting for your MSI products, which will authorize Microsoft to access the privacy setting on your devices; Click ”Next” and “Accept” 

10. You may select how your MSI laptop is used to receive relevant and tailored info in Microsoft 11 OS

11. You may decide if to subscribe Microsoft 365 Service

12. Windows 11 will start to install applications and finalize settings after all the steps above are done; During this process, please ensure you connect your MSI products to the bundled AC adapter or make sure sufficient battery level. The laptop will enter the Windows 11 desktop after the session is completed.