Most MSI Notebook that supports Windows 10 system already set the TPM 2.0 "Enabled" by default.

If the TPM 2.0 device isn't detected in the system, follow the steps below to manually enable TPM.

1.  Power on the system and press the "Delete" button continuously when the MSI logo shows up to enter the BIOS menu.

2. Select the "Security" or "Advanced" page and find the option "Trusted Computing".

3. Click on Trusted Computing and set the "Security Device Support" option to "Enabled" to enable the TPM.

4. Press "F10" and select "Yes" to save the changes and reset the system.

*Note : If the Trusted Computing option doesn't exist in both Security or Advanced page, continue with method II to run the "TPM Enable Tool".

Refer to the instructions below in the attached document for a step-by-step guide.

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