MSI recommends that user should create system recovery before Windows upgrade. In case you don’t like Windows 10 after the process, users could use the system backup which created by BrurnRecovery to restore Window 7 or Windows 8.1.

Please follow the instructions (I to IV) and detail guide in attachment to check your system.

I. Check Support list of Windows 10:
Users have to check the support list from MSI official website ( You can find notebooks which supports Windows 10 upgrade in this page. If your notebook is in support list, please follow the instruction in website to upgrade your system.

II. Create system recovery:
There are three different ways to create recovery backup. Please also check with the attached guide.
i. Recovery disc: Create and Burn a Recovery Disk.
ii. USB: Create a Recovery USB Flash Disk.
iii. ISO: Create a Recovery ISO File.

III. Windows 10 upgrade:
If the notebook is in support list and you have created the recovery media. Then, we can start to upgrade the system. Users can upgrade the OS from Windows Update or Microsoft's website.

IV. How to restore the system back to Windows 7/8.1
If you would like to return to your original system, there are two ways to do so:
i. Use [Windows settings] function to restore back to your original system.
ii. The recovery media can help you restoring the system back to the factory settings.

Find more detail information about what should we know before we start Windows 10 upgrade, please link to: