In the attached file, you will find the general troubleshooting instructions of Nahimic 2, the Nahimic 2 setting overview and useful video tutorials.

Please refer to the Troubleshooting Instructions to resolve the problem, if you encounter any audio problem listed below.

- Audio playback:

Low volume, unbalanced, weak, crackling, distorted, popping sound or noise in the specific web browsers, games or video/audio players.

- Microphone recording:

No sound, interference, intermittent sound or noise.

- Compatibility issue that affects the normal execution of a specific program or game (like Norton, Kaspersky, Photoshop, uTorrent, TeamViewer, OneDrive, Edge, IE, UC browser, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.)

- The program crashes or black screen when running specific games, programs or video/audio players.

- The UAC (User Account Control) notification pop-up automatically, and Nahimic services are asking for permission.

Before starting the troubleshooting, Please download and install the latest Nahimic 2+ and the compatible audio driver on the Nahimic support webpage.