Please check BIOS/EC version by [Help Desk] or [BIOS Setup Utility] (See attached document).

1.How to check BIOS/EC version by Help Desk?

1.1.Open MSI Help Desk.

Note: Help Desk is a built-in application for MSI notebooks. If you couldn’t find this software in your Windows system, please download and install MSI Help Desk from product download page or from this link(

1.2.Click the [System Info].

1.3.BIOS and EC firmware version will display on screen (See following picture).

Note: MSI Help Desk is only for MSI notebook products.

2.How to check BIOS/EC version by BIOS Setup Utility?

2.1.Power on NB and press [DEL] button when MSI logo is displayed.

2.2.Please select [Main] ->[System Information] to check BIOS version and EC version.