This guide shows how to completely uninstall AMD drivers from the system without leaving old files and settings, and install the latest version released on MSI website.

*Note: In order to make sure all the customized functions can be fully supported, please find and download all the AMD related drivers from MSI website.

Uninstall AMD drivers & AMD Radeon Software with AMD Cleanup Utility

1.    Download AMD graphics driver package from the product page on MSI website.

2.    Disconnect to the network.

3.    Extract driver package, open “Bin64” folder, and execute “AMDCleanupUtility”.

4.    Click “Yes” to reboot and enter safe mode.

5.    Click “OK” to continue.

6.    Once the uninstallation process is complete, click “Yes” to reboot the system.

Install AMD graphics driver and Radeon Software

1.    Open the latest graphics driver package downloaded from MSI website, and execute “Setup.exe” in the root directory.

2.    Click “Additional Options” and select “Factory Reset” check box, then click “Install” to remove all prior versions of AMD Radeon Software first.

3.    Once the cleanup process is complete, click “restart” to reboot and continue to install the drivers, or the system will restart automatically after 2 minutes.

4.    When the installation process is complete, click “Finish” to close the installer. 

5.    At last, get the AMD Radeon Software download link from the utility page on MSI website.




  • Alpha 17
  • Alpha 17, AMD Advantage™ Edition
  • Delta 15, AMD Advantage™ Edition
  • Alpha 15
  • Delta 15 A5EFK
  • Alpha 15 B5EEK
  • Alpha 17 A4DE
  • Bravo 17
  • Alpha 17 A4DEK
  • Alpha 17 B5EEK
  • Bravo 17 A4DDK
  • Alpha 15 A3DCK
  • Alpha 15 A3DDK
  • Bravo 17 A4DDR
  • Bravo 15
  • Alpha 15, AMD Advantage™ Edition
  • Modern 15 A4M
  • Bravo 15 A4DDR
  • Modern 14 B5M
  • Alpha 15 A4DEK
  • Alpha 15 A3DD
  • Bravo 15 A4DCR
  • Modern 15 A5M
  • Modern 14 B4MW
  • Alpha 15 A4DE
  • Alpha 15 A3DC
  • Bravo 15 B5DD