Early in 2009, MSI started a sponsorship program and has now sponsored more than10 professional eSports teams worldwide; MSI Beat IT 2014 Global has concluded successfully ( This year,MSI was still devoted to eSports industry and is honored to announce a formal partnership with world famouseSports team MiTHas our brand ambassador in Thailand. Founded in 2010, MiTH is a professional multigaming organization, which has the most skilled players in 7 different games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of Newerth, Point Blank, FIFA Online 3, Heroes of The Storm, Starcraft II, Infestation: Survivor Stories).Operated, MiTH is currently the number one eSports team in Thailand,received various gaming awards and tournament wins. Now let’s find out more about MiTH in our exclusive interview!

Welcome MiTH to join the MSI family! Kindly introduce your up-and-coming young CS:GOteam lineup to our global users!