Sandybridge FAQ

General (1)  
Does Sandybridge supports DDR3U (Ultra Low Voltage Memory) memory?
ClickBios (7)  
Does ClickBios have multi language support?
How can I enter the ClickBios setup?
Do I need to select the preferred language setting again everytime I enter the Click Bios?
Could you please tell me what is the distinct features of MSI ClickBios?
Can I use PS2 mouse with MSI Click bios?
What is the function OF Boot screen?
What are the requirements of Boot screen logo?
Multi-Bios (3)  
What is Multi-BIOS?
Is it possible to get the Multi Bios damage if system failed while updating bios?
How can I recover my failed bios?
Super Charger (5)  
What is Super-Charger?
Why can’t I sync my data in I-Pad, I-Phone, I-Pod with my computer?
Does all USB port supports Super-Charger Fast charge function?
Can I still charge my Ipad if my MB system is under power off mode?
Does Supercharger supports other USB devices other than Ipad/Iphone?
Vkit (1)  
What is V-Kit?
Control Center II (1)  
My settings under Control Center II will be reset to default after restarting the system? Is this normal?
OC Genie II (4)  
What is OC Genie II?
If I overclocked my system using OC Genie II and do further overclocking thru Control Center II under windows and suddenly window crashes, what will be the status of the OC Genie II and Control Center II ?
How does OC Genie II works?
Does OC Genie II supports all type of CPU?