Green Supplier Chain Management

Technology brings us convenience, also increases the impact and influence to environment. We not only head into the R&D and production of new product, but we also take fewer energy consumption and lower toxicity into consideration during the design, R&D, manufacture, use and cycling phases of a product. MSI and its suppliers will work together towards reducing the impact to environment, and raise the value and competitiveness together in global marker. Those actions as below:

The Standard for Environmentally Friendly Product

To establish the requirements for procurement of green product which including the control of hazardous substances of green product, the content of banned/Restricted substances, and the disclosure of the content of SVHC.

The assessment of Supplier

To set up the selection process and qualification of suppliers to make sure each one has met the requirements of green production.

The procedure of material management and admitted

Through IT system to build a management system to declare, evaluate and communicate for the material management to promote efficiency of material admitted, and to grasp and use the relevant information of environmental material of product.

The Communication with Supplier

We held supplier conference periodically to communicate, incorporate the ideas of green product, and to declare the endeavor and collaborate with the whole supplier chain towards the goal of sustainable environment.

The Audit to Supplier

We conduct audit, corrective action and training to supplier periodically. Through system operation and manage to make sure to provide outstanding products to our clients and consumers.