Supplier Management

Sustainable operation will never be achieved by any enterprise alone, as it needs the support of the whole supply chain behind which allows co-existence and co-prosperity. It is the same to CSR which must be fulfilled through the collaboration and mutual understanding of both upstream and downstream suppliers, in order to ensure realizing environmental protection, occupational safety, and the well-being of employees.

The supply chain of MSI includes multiple companies such as suppliers, contractors, and the resellers. So far, we have established evaluation criteria for the suppliers and new suppliers and conducted audits on them periodically and aperiodically. We also provide guidance for supplies to make continuous improvement. All these are to ensure procurement process, material quality, and supplier delivery time complying with the organizational requirements for facilitating production plans and material control and to ensure new suppliers may comply with the requirements for design, quality, technical capacity, delivery time, and cost.

Despite not an EICC member, upholding the CSR spirit, we implemented the EICC Code of Conduct in 2008 and proposed "the CSR requirements for suppliers" in 2009. In 2010, we began conducting EICC onsite audits on next-level suppliers. Integrated with aspects of labor, ethics, environmental safety, and quality, the audit team periodically conducts onsite audits on high-risk suppliers to fulfill the EICC requirements at minimum impacts on both parties. The team would continuously follow up the suppliers and help them make improvement. Besides, the audit team also promotes and communicates information concerning labor, ethics, and environmental safety with employees, suppliers, and customers. Upholding business integrity and human focus in corporate governance, MSI prohibits any form of misconducts, improper advantage, and inhumane treatments.


Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (“MSI”) firmly believes that fulfilling its economic, environmental and social responsibility is an important key to the sustained operation of an enterprise. Thus MSI hopes that enterprises, customers and suppliers that it does business with proactively and vigorously promote internal compliance with the following economic, environmental and social responsibility requirements to advance the welfare of their customers, employees, suppliers, community, and other stakeholders.

  • Supplier undertakes not to use child labor or hire employees who work under coercion or threat.
  • Supplier undertakes that all of its employees are treated with respect and dignity that it will not engage in any practice that constitutes inhuman treatment or any form of psychological or physical maltreatment, harassment, or discrimination against its employees. Supplier undertakes that the work hours, wages and benefits of its employees comply with the local laws and regulations, and that its employees enjoy the right of free association, the right to elect representatives and the right to collective bargaining.
  • Supplier undertakes to provide its employees with a healthy, safe and cozy work environment.
  • Supplier warrants that it will periodically identify hazards in the work environment, assess the risks and reduce the risks to the minimum through preventive and corrective actions.
  • Supplier undertakes to provide its employees with clean and sanitary dormitory and cafeteria, including clean, sanitary equipment, drinking water, food and storage equipment.
  • Supplier undertakes to obtain environment-related permits from the local environment, and carry out periodic maintenance, update and report to keep such permits valid.
  • Supplier undertakes to implement pollution control and energy conservation on a continual basis and that its treatment of waste water, solid waste, hazardous substances, and polluted air complies with the regulatory requirements.
  • Supplier warrants that its products comply with the international environmental requirements, do not contain banned/restricted substances and comply with the MSI “Green Product Control Specifications.”
  • Supplier undertakes to move towards the adoption of a corporate social responsibility management system and periodically identify and understand applicable domestic and foreign laws and regulations as well as customer requirements.
  • Supplier undertakes that it will establish risk identification and risk management process or procedures to properly reduce risks or to carry out risk control.
  • Supplier undertakes that it will establish goals, objectives and implementation plan for corporate social responsibility and periodically evaluate the effect of plan execution.
  • Supplier undertakes to periodically communicate its corporate social responsibility goals, objectives and implementation plan with its customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Supplier undertakes to uphold business integrity and explicitly prohibit the acceptance of any form of improper advantage, and prohibit the acts of corruption, blackmail or embezzlement.
  • Supplier undertakes to establish a mechanism that will keep the identities of the person reporting improper practice and the person being reported confidential.
  • Supplier undertakes to respect and protect intellectual property rights and engage in fair trade, advertising and competition.
  • Supplier undertakes to disclose information on its organizational structure, operating status, business activities, and financial performance according to customary business practice.
  • Supplier undertakes to participate in public interest activities within the extent of its capacity to promote social harmony and progress.