CEO's Commitment

Innovation with Style

Besides continuously researching and applying innovative technologies to realize our plans of cultivating a human-friendly living environment through technological products, MSI also strives to fulfill our responsibilities and missions for societal well-being, environmental protection, employee caring, promises for our shareholders, and building a trustworthy brand for our clients.
We lead the trends via high-performing products with innovative designs. Our overall visual and applications of products are aesthetically-pleasing. In terms of organizational management, our reforms and innovations demonstrate our proactive and pragmatic style; moreover, we emphasize and participate in environmental protection and social welfare issues to implement our commitment toward caring and giving back to the society. We are dedicated to improving our work environment and employee benefits to show our care of the employees. Furthermore, when faced with challenges from the external environment, we embrace these challenges willingly, showing our determination to pursue honor and our responsibility.

Sustainable Development & Balanced Profitability

MSI will grasp market opportunities with our core skills while controlling various financial risks with solid and delicate management skills to meet the challenges posed by the rapidly changing and intensely competitive IT industry. We offer quality products and excellent after-sale services to satisfy our clients. Internally, we will proactively invest in information technology and workforce; externally, we will grasp the changes in clients, products, technologies, laws and regulations, society and the environment. In order to maintain continued growth in overall revenue, we will continuously inspect our strategies and operational risks and adjust our resources accordingly in pursuit of growing profits.

In terms of our management targets, in the short-term, we will strive to become the leader in mid- to high-end products as well as the most trusted leading brand in gaming, in addition to building long-term steady relations with clients who have potential and are financially sound. In the mid-term, we will establish a comprehensive application service chain and enhance our service quality, while proactively enhancing the market share of various products and our overall profitability. In the long-term, we will undertake diversified management through innovations in information and telecommunications. Besides specializing in boards, laptop PCs, servers and barebone computers, we will also gradually pursue for the growth in various products such as All-in-One PCs, industrial PCs, and automobile electronics, in order to become the leading firm in profitability in various industries.

In terms of implementations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in practice, in the short-term we will continue to devote resources toward education and caring for the underprivileged groups, emergency relief, community assistance, and medical relief. Our mid-term goal is to focus on trends regarding global environment and human rights issues; in the long-term, we will offer comprehensive solutions to energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions through self-inspection and our design and innovation capabilities, in order to largely facilitate various industries in terms of lowering carbon emissions and constructing a convenient lifestyle with low levels of pollution.


Innovation of Smart Technology

Innovation has been the most powerful competitiveness in our company. In light of continuously focusing on the development of smart technology, we maximize flexibility while seeking competitive models and optimal channels.

Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the commitment as a good enterprise for customers, employees, shareholders, and society, we focus on the R&D of energy saving technology and concern about the one and only earth in collaboration with partners.

Win-Win Growth

We are proud to be the best partner of customers, aiming at sustainable operation to achieve win-win situation.