Public Welfare Policy

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd (MSI) realizes our concern for society, environmental protection, employee care, shareholder commitment, and customer trust with real action. Upholding the policy and spirit of 「Change progresses constantly, Service continues silently, Contributions accumulate, Dreams realize step by step.」to give the biggest support and assistance for charitable activities in the community within the organization’s reach, MSI repays society and people who are in need.

Therefore, MSI regularly makes budget to support social reward, donation with love, education assistance and corporate volunteers at home and abroad, apart from the headquarters has set a Public Welfare Section to responsible for MSI’s public welfare activities, three plant sites have established Public Welfare Groups, organize public welfare activities from time to time, encourage employees to participate in public welfare actives, and launch cooperation with government, same/different business and charity groups, hoping to effectively integrate resources for more people and promote a virtuous cycle of deeds in society through cooperation with different parties.

After years of contributing to public welfare, MSI was recognized and commended "Public Welfare Award for Social Education" and "Public Welfare Group Award for Social Education" by Ministry of Education of Taiwan in 2010.

Public Welfare Group Award for Social Education Public Welfare Group Award for Social Education