MSI™ Launches New AMD® K760 Based Motherboard K7 Master - S

Latest Update:

In response to market demands, MSI™ (Micro-Star International) is announcing a new full-featured motherboard product based on AMD™ K760 chipset - the K7 Master-S. The K7 Master-S is designed based on Extended ATX form factor, and applies the Socket A architecture supporting AMD™ Duron™ and Athlon™ processors up to 700MHz and higher.

The motherboard is configured with one AGP, one CNR, and five PCI slots for increased data transfer speed and fulfilling customers' needs for expansion. The K7 Master-S is equipped with four DDR-DIMM slots supporting a maximum memory size of 4GB.K7 Master-S also brings the following features:


T.O.P. Tech.™ III
The MSI™'s own developed intelligent tool precisely monitors the temperature and voltage of the CPU, video card, hard drive and system chamber. This tool ensures the proper function environment of the system, enhancing system stability.

PC Alert™ III
Another MSI™'s own developed intelligent tool, it monitors the temperature, voltage, system fan speed, hard drive status and memory status of the system. User is alerted at any abnormal situation, preventing the component damage due to abnormal usage.

Integrated SCSI Controller
The K7 Master-S motherboard is integrated with a discrete SCSI controller, enabling outstanding multi-tasking and I/O performance, providing extraordinary 3D animation and video processing capabilities.

4 USB Ports
The K7 Master-S motherboard is equipped with 4 USB ports providing the widest flexibility of connecting different peripheral devices.

Integrated Audio Controller
A 3D PCI bus audio controller is integrated, saving the cost of an additional audio card. It also supports AC'97 standard.